Wednesday, 30 November 2016

16 Artsy, Adorable Gift Ideas From Indie Illustrators

What does it mean to be cute? Is it in a gently drawn smile, big eyes, a fluffy animal? What makes one person prefer the cuteness of a googly Pokemon, say, while another prefers the squeezability of chubby baby thighs? Whatever shapes our cuteness preferences, there's something inherently calming about an adorable object, something that allows us to forget the mostly bad parts of a chaotic earth and focus on something uncomplicated and happy, however briefly.

Humans' tendency to like cute things has a good deal to do with the aforementioned baby thighs, actually: it's been posited that it's evolutionarily advantageous. We are drawn to and protect things that seem innocent and helpless -- which human babies are -- as a way of ensuring the survival of the species. Cute babies need time to grow into the independent adults they'll become. 

But not all cuteness is so fleeting. For those of us who need an endearing thing to look at now and then, there are these 16 items -- among many, many more out there -- from artists and illustrators that won't grow up, go to college and leave you with the bill. (Kids, amiright?!)

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