Sunday, 28 February 2016

Parents Create Truly Epic 'Mad Max' Halloween Costume For Kids

Four-year-old Cooper Newton-Smith and his 11-month-old sister Ziggy are going to be riding in style this Halloween. Thanks to their software engineer, DIY-enthusiast parents, the siblings will trick-or-treat as Mad Max and Imperator Furiosa in an awesome homemade War Rig.

The vehicle was made using old PowerWheels Jeeps, the parents wrote on their website RottenKitten Studio. Over the course of couple of months, mom Cory handled on the overall costume design and body work, while dad Jeremy did the mechanical and electrical work, the dad told The Huffington Post.

Most of the process involved mental prep, while the actual hands-on work took a little over two weeks. The couple worked out a system that meant "one of us working while the other one is entertaining the kids," Jeremy added.

The Newton-Smith family has experience with the DIY Halloween world, as they've also created epic "Back To The Future," "Ghostbusters," and "ET" costumes for their son.

"Our kids haven't seen Mad Max, they absolutely love getting into costumes and especially riding/driving a vehicle. This is really just a labor of love, as it gives us an outlet to do what we love to do (creative design, engineering, photography, etc)," the dad told HuffPost. 

"[I]t's about making people smile," Cory added, "I love to see our kids having fun, and I love to see people's faces when they see it," she said. "To see the moment where they recognize what it is and they smile then to see how they start to examine the costume trying to see what it really is and how it was done. I love to be inspired by other people's creativity and it's fun to think of paying back in that way."

Keep scrolling for a look at the homemade War Rig and check out the Newton-Smiths website for more of their work

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