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We Asked 25 Psychics Across The Country To Predict Who Will Win The Super Bowl

If you believe our country's psychics, the New England Patriots are about to win Super Bowl XLIX.

The Huffington Post reached out to psychics across the nation with an "odd Super Bowl request" -- we wanted to know who they thought would win Sunday's game. Although it must be stressed that this is outside the normal purview of their job, 25 psychics got back to us to give a prediction for fun. As Beth Bennet of Georgia aptly put it: "Psychic abilities just don't work like this, but that's not what you want to know..."

Many of the psychics who wrote back with predictions expressed that they like to have a sense of humor about the job -- so even though it's not what they usually use their abilities for, they were willing to try to figure out who will win the game. Marcel Cairo of Ohio wrote in an email, "I'll ask the ghost of Walter Peyton to tell me the outcome (joke). :-)"

Of course some psychics may end up predicting the wrong score, a fact that a few pointed out. "If I'm wrong, please try to make my name as small as possible. 3 point font. Har har," wrote Jessica McKay form New Jersey.

Some of the psychics circumnavigated the question a bit by bringing in outside teams. When psychic Tristan Rimbaud of Kentucky tuned in, he said he saw the New England Patriots beating the Minnesota Vikings, a team that didn't even make the playoffs this year. Others expressed how they know borderline nothing about sports and had to look up who was playing and how points are scored.

In any case, all these psychic predictions mean the information below should probably be considered a definitive source of knowledge for how the upcoming game will turn out. Gathering all the psychic data, here are a few main things to note...

Key Takeaways:

  • 16 out of 25 psychics chose the New England Patriots to win.

  • The rough mean score from all the answers was New England Patriots 23, Seattle Seahawks 21.

  • The most common score predicted for the New England Patriots was a tie between 21 and 23, which were each predicted three times.

  • The most common score predicted for the Seattle Seahawks was a tie between 17 and 24, which were each predicted four times.

Note: Two of the psychics gave multiple score possibilities. We used the first score they listed for the map below.

The map of predictions:

Here are the psychics we interviewed:

Alabama: Judi Lynch, Arkansas: Gabbie Chase, California: Anthony Teresi, Connecticut: Jeff McBride, Delaware: Deanna Fitzpatrick, Florida: Joseph LoBrutto, Georgia: Beth Bennett, Idaho: Kerry Ryan, Indiana: Jeffrey Poe, Iowa: Jessica Climer, Kentucky: Tristan Rimbaud, Maryland: Tanisia Smith, Minnesota: Alison James, Missouri: LA Martin, Nebraska: Kelli Miller, Nevada: Terri Jay, New Hampshire: Gwen Houghton, New Jersey: Jessica McKay, New Mexico: Karen Tallkat Conley, Ohio: Marcel Cairo, Oklahoma: Terry L. Blackshire, Pennsylvania: Bob Kenney, Washington: Marc Lainhart, West Virginia: Aeson Knight, Wyoming: Amy Woods

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Watch A Man In A Wingsuit Fly Over The Pyramids Of Giza

Ancient wonder, meet modern daredevil.

Cedric Dumont toured the Pyramids of Giza Thursday by air, flying in a wingsuit for a view that many tourists and history buffs would envy.

Dumont's stunt had to be cleared with Egypt's defense department, sponsor Red Bull noted, but it was well worth the effort.

"Flying over the pyramids has such a mystical and unmatched energy, one of the most incredible flights I have ever performed," Dumont told Red Bull.

The Belgian said on his website that adventure sport "takes me to amazing places."

We'll say.

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How To Stream The Super Bowl For Free Online In 2015

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and you are frantically searching for some way to watch the game with all those friends you invited over at the last minute, right? That, or you are at home alone with a pint of ice cream.

Either way, it's OK, and everything is going to be fine! It's actually super easy to watch the Super Bowl online this year. Just click over to NBC, and they'll have everything set up for you. You don’t even need proof of a cable subscription or anything.

nbc sports

Yes, dear American, your online dreams have been answered

Want to watch 10 straight hours of Super Bowl coverage in what can only be described as the modern-day equivalent of Chinese water torture? You can! NBC will start its livestream at 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, Feb. 1, and will continue to stream Super Bowl coverage until around 10 p.m., when it’ll throw on a new episode “The Blacklist.” The actual Super Bowl starts around 6:30 p.m. on NBC.

This isn’t the first time NBC has streamed the Super Bowl, but it is the first time it’s been able to include the halftime show in the stream, which is good news for those of you who are forced to watch the Super Bowl but hate, you know, football.

One thing to note: The streaming service won’t work on your smartphone. But honestly, you don’t want to be that guy anyway.

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'Zombie Cat' Should Not Go Back To Owner Who Buried Him Alive: Humane Society

Rescue workers who helped save Bart -- the “zombie cat” who clawed his way out of an untimely grave last week -- don’t want the resilient feline to return to his former family.

“I met with the owner for about 40 minutes,” Sherry Silk, executive director of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, told The Huffington Post. “I told him at that time some things had come to light that I was really uncomfortable with.”

Ellis Hutson, Bart’s owner, told ABC News this week his pet was hit by a car a couple of weeks ago. Hutson said he was sure the animal was dead and enlisted his neighbor to bury the cat near his home. However, Bart returned -- severely injured and covered in dirt -- five days later.

Humane Society workers posted Bart’s story on the organization's blog, calling him the “miracle cat.” But now, Silk told HuffPost that the team is suspicious of some of the circumstances surrounding Bart's injuries and Hutson's story about them. They don't want to return the cat, she said.

Hutson told ABC Action News that he wants the cat back.

"If we have to go to court, we have to go to court," he told the outlet. "I haven't done anything wrong, and I don't think it's right to take my cat."

Dusty Albritton, who the Tampa Bay Times reports is Hutson's neighbor, set up a GoFundMe page on Jan. 23 for the cat's medical expenses. As of Saturday, it had raised over $7,000. An update posted Saturday afternoon and signed as coming from both Albritton and Hutson accuses Silk of not telling the truth about the situation.

The update also noted that the account was initially set up "solely for Bart," but that they did not expect so much money to pour in. It said funds will be donated to emergency veterinary services "in Bart's name."

Albritton did not immediately return a request for comment Saturday, and attempts to reach Hutson were unsuccessful.

In a YouTube video that appears to show Bart and is posted to an account listed under the name "Dusty Salas," a voice is heard saying, "He might not have been dead. 'Cause when I found him … he was moving and stuff." A Facebook page under the name "Dusty Albritton" has linked to the YouTube account repeatedly.

The Humane Society website notes that it is not affiliated with the GoFundMe campaign, and as of Friday had received no funds from the account. The site also states that Bart's medical expenses have already been covered by the organization's emergency medical fund.

Silk told HuffPost she does not believe Hutson will be able to provide a home environment suitable for Bart's fragile state of health, and expressed concerns that Bart will not be kept indoors.

“I just don’t want [Bart] to go there,” Silk said. “If it’s a legal issue, and it could be, we may very well lose. But we’re going to fight to do what we think is right for this cat.”

However, Hutson also told WFLA that he promises to keep Bart indoors.

Silk says she hopes that Hutson will ultimately surrender Bart to the Humane Society so they can find him a home more suited to his situation. While not everyone is equipped to care for a special-needs cat, Silk said she urges those who are moved by Bart’s story to adopt another shelter cat in his honor.

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WATCH: Beauty Pageant Runner-Up Grabs Tiara From Queen's Head

A beauty pageant contestant should be graceful and compassionate. But oh how they can be such sore losers.

Just take a look at this Brazilian pageant runner-up, who nearly took the queen's head off when she lunged to the front of the stage to snag the Miss Amazon 2015 winning tiara for herself.

The drama unfolded just moments after judges announced the winner, Carolina Toledo, according to The Mirror. The runner-up, Sheislane Hayalla, at first forced herself to congratulate Toledo, but that was about as long as the sportsmanship lasted.

Footage shows Hayalla yank the tiara, spike it at the ground, point her finger at Toledo (rude) and insult her before storming off stage.

In a way, it was beautiful.


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Mysterious Space Globule Looks Undeniably Beautiful

Some astronomers call it "God’s Hand." Others say it looks like the gaping mouth of a gigantic celestial creature.

Featured in a new image taken by the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope, a small cloud of gas and dust dubbed CG4 is nothing short of stunning. Just check it out below.

The image of the so-called "cometary globule" -- which lies some 1,300 light years from Earth -- shows a close-up of the space cloud's head, and was released by ESO on Jan. 28. Although the globule shines bright in the image, it's a faint object in reality and, therefore, difficult to detect.

(Story continues below image.)

space globule

A Very Large Telescope image of the cometary globule CG4, which has a comet-like shape with a head and tail.

The head of CG4 is around 1.5 light-years in diameter, while its tail is about eight light-years long -- that's so big that it basically dwarfs our entire solar system, according to Discovery News. Astronomers hope to study more cometary globules -- like CG4 -- to solve the mystery of why they have their distinct comet-like shapes.

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Creepy Medical Supplies Found Amid Wreckage Of Pirate Blackbeard's Ship

Ahoy! Archaeologists excavating pirate Blackbeard's sunken ship, named Queen Anne's Revenge, recently unearthed from the wreckage various medical devices--and some of them look pretty darn terrifying.

Among the grisly finds were a urethral syringe that would have been used to treat syphilis, two pumps, and a porringer that would have been used in bloodletting, Live Science reported.

"We just have to understand that these people were suffering," Dr. Linda Carnes-McNaughton, an archaeologist with the U.S. Department of Defense who volunteered on the excavation, told CNN. "They were seeking relief for any kind of ailment, and certainly if there was warfare on the water, there were wounds among other ailments that needed treatment. It wasn't always a formally trained person in desperate times. That's probably more common than we know."

(Story continues below photos.)


A mortar and pestle that was likely used to grind ingredients to make medicine.


Supplies used to measure medicine.

Blackbeard lost his flagship when it ran aground off the coast of North Carolina in 1718. The ship was hidden by water and sand for more than 270 years until it was rediscovered in 1996. Now, the shipwreck is being closely studied as part of the Queen Anne's Revenge project of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources.

Thanks to the medical artifacts found aboard the flagship, archaeologists are learning more about how Blackbeard's crew treated not only small wounds and ailments, but also chronic illnesses.

"Because his passion for piracy [sic], I think he cared very much about keeping it going, and to keep it going, he had to have a healthy, functioning crew," Carnes-McNaughton told The Washington Post.

She described the new findings at the Society for Historical Archaeology’s annual meeting on Jan. 8, 2015.

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Justine King Arrested While Allegedly Sitting Pantless On Whisky Bottle

A woman arrested on suspicion of DUI made a memorable impression on officers for allegedly sitting naked on top of an empty bottle of whisky.

Justine King, 33, was arrested Sept. 30, after officers allegedly found her sitting naked from the waist down in a blue Chevrolet Malibu that she crashed, KDKA TV reports.

King's pants were under the car's pedals and she was sitting on a bottle of Black Velvet whisky, according to an affidavit filed Jan. 15 as part of the court case against her. The documents were obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Officers told King to put her pants and exit the vehicle. She allegedly responded, “I don’t have any pants! I left my home without them!” the affidavit said.

The report says King was finally pulled from the car, handcuffed and placed into a cab, all while being “extremely belligerent, kicking, pulling away, and struggling."

The suspect initially refused to identify herself, telling authorities, “The government got my name. You ain’t getting it! Ask the government." On the way to the station, officers said King kept "banging her head off the inside of the window panel."

King was taken to a nearby hospital, but refused to take a blood test or put on pants, according to

King was arrested on charges of drunken driving, resisting arrest, reckless driving, open lewdness, and disorderly conduct.

She is due in court Feb. 20 to be arraigned on those charges.

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Balloon Pilots Break World Record With Trip Across Ocean

By Joseph J. Kolb

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Jan 30 (Reuters) - A pair of balloonists trying to fly to North America from Japan passed a major milestone on Friday that could soon be declared a world record for the length of time spent in the air by a gas-filled balloon, a spokeswoman said.

The feat came a day after the team of Troy Bradley, an American, and Leonid Tiukhtyaev, a Russian, logged what they also believe to be the distance record for such flights, flying more than 5,260 miles (8,465 km) by Thursday afternoon, according to a tracking website ( set up for their journey.

The existing distance record, set in 1981, also came on a transpacific flight, of 5,209 miles (8,383 km). The existing record for time spent in the air is 137 hours, set in 1978 by a team crossing the Atlantic.

Bradley and Tiukhtyaev, who call their team and balloon Two Eagles, hope to land on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico on Saturday morning, spokeswoman Kim Vesely said. The pair took off for their trip on Jan. 24.

"The team is now fully focused on the final and most important task: landing the balloon safely after a successful crossing of the Pacific Ocean," she said.

Vesely said she did not formally call the team's feats a record because that designation will be decided by the U.S. National Aeronautic Association and the Fédèration Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the international air sports federation.

(Reporting by Joseph J. Kolb; Editing by Sharon Bernstein and Eric Beech)

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Friday, 30 January 2015

We Promise This Wedding Photo Isn't As Inappropriate As It Looks

The morning of the wedding can be an emotional roller coaster for the marrying couple -- that we know. But here's one groom who was simply unable contain his, er, excitement.


Credit: Chelsey LeBlanc Photography

KIDDING. That's not actually an erect penis. If you haven't already figured out what's going on here, allow the groom, Ian, to explain.

"Getting dressed before my wedding," he captioned the photo on Reddit on Thursday. "Only noticed the belt after the pictures had been distributed."

This very happy accident occurred at Ian's 2013 wedding in New Brunswick, Canada, but it wasn't until he posted the kinda-sorta d**k pic on Reddit this week that it aroused the attention of more than 2 million people. Photographer Chelsey LeBlanc called the sudden attention a "very unexpected surprise."

"It was noticed not too long after the photo was given to the client and was posted on Facebook," she told The Huffington Post. "We laughed about it at the time. In fact, Ian is the one who posted it on Reddit simply because he thought it was amusing."

If you ask us, you're never too old to find a penis-belt "amusing."

H/T Reddit

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Know Why This Guy Used A Fire Extinguisher On A Car Engine? Take The Fark Weird News Quiz

Know why this guy used a fire extinguisher on a car engine? Take the Fark Weird News Quiz.

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The Spiraling World Of Staircases, The Architectural Wonders We Often Overlook

"The world is like a grand staircase," Samuel Johnson mused, "some are going up and some are going down."


The quote paints a picture of a universe not unlike a painting by M.C. Escher, the father of duplicitous corridors, or Man Ray, a man who renders steps as a gateway between Cubism and Futurism. The staircase has long been a focal point in art, letting spirals and flights serve as symbols for connection and transcendence. In the physical world, the architecture of staircases is often just as mesmerizing.

Whether it's the Fibonacci spiral of a staircase or the angular beauty of bannisters, the aesthetics of steps is gaze-worthy. We asked some of our readers to send their best shots of staircases and the results are below. Enjoy the weekend with this collection of architectural beauty.

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While Human Ken Dolls Walk The Earth, This Artist Is Performing Plastic Surgery With Paint

Some among us have witnessed a botched plastic surgery procedure that, for some reason or another, didn't exactly go as anticipated. Thank you, reality television. However, even the most heinous of surgical blunders does not compare to the radical results of conducting plastic surgery with, not a scalpel or a knife, but good old paint.

Today we're ogling the work of Marie-Lou Desmeules, an amateur surgeon a French-Canadian professional artist who uses pure pigment to transform living models into bizarre sculptures of surreal celebrity lookalikes. Desmeules piles on paint like it's frosting, tweaking and tempering until her human subjects look like deranged versions of Barack Obama, Pamela Anderson or Elvis Presley. Like the lovechild of Alexa Meade and Jaimie Warren, with a little Madame Tussauds thrown in.

We reached out to Desmeules to learn more about her work.

kim jong un

What inspired this unusual idea?

People! People inspire me in the way they project themselves to the others. I am fascinated at how the image we project is becoming more powerful than ourselves. As Andy Warhol said: "It is not what you are that matters, it is what they think you are!"

I am inspired by the notion of beauty, the growing plastic surgery industry, gender and identity. I am attracted by the bizarre and strange, all that goes outside the standard. In my "celebrities series" I focused more on the cult of image we practice today. Our culture wants us to reflect success, happiness and beauty... From getting self tanned, setting up selfies, getting face-lifts or buying a new ass or nose people transform themselves into their heroes. And the price to reach perfection is loosing your own identity. Somehow I am inspired by all these ideas to create my own language in my work.

marilyn manson

What is your process?

I constantly research new images and information to learn and challenge me. I select many ideas, icons and projects and I work on them guided by my feelings. I also research day-by-day -- in any place, new things attract my attention in flea-markets such as masks, hair, latex pieces or any recycled piece of clothing that I find interesting. My studio has plenty of inspiring objects for my work.

A "surgery" takes up all of me and is very intense since I may only work for a couple hours because I always work with a model, and I don't want him/her to sit on a chair for more than three hours. I have to prepare my mind and all the settings and things I might use for the operation. Music plays a big role in my art and therefore I also preselect most of my music for each performance to help me get in the mood of the surgery I am creating. I do not have a standard process to create a surgery. Actually, my process is in constant evolution which creates a thrilling challenge.

In my last project, the challenge was to create a series of world leaders and make them fashionable. I decided to mix them up up with cartoons and pop culture characters that suit their image. Barack Obama as Mickey Mouse, Kim Jong-Un as LEGO Man, Berlusconi as McDonald and Patrick (from "Spongebob") as David Cameron.

I actually may express better with my art or with my videos compilations than with my words, so I made this video.

What do you hope to communicate through your work?

My surgeries are a really big part of me. This big part of me is truthful, fun and perfectionist. The surgeries are done with passion and when I am doing them I really think about doing something which will make me proud. I also hope my work may help other people get a different perspective on what they see everyday. Maybe it will make them think twice about what they see and their preconceptions of the images we see.

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'Star Wars' Volkswagon Super Bowl Ad Will Always Be Our Favorite

And now for a quick replay of the best Super Bowl commercial of all time.

In this 2011 Volkswagon ad above, a young boy decked out in Darth Vader gear tries to use "The Force" to start household appliances and wake the family dog -- all to no avail. Finally, the boy succeeds in magically starting the car, though there happens to be a secret power at play: dad.

The ad gained traction in 2011 after it was released online before the Super Bowl, which was a new strategy at the time. And it's legacy has left a lasting dent.

"The ad’s runaway success changed how advertisers approach Super Bowl Sunday ever since," Time noted.

The spot has been watched more than 61 million times on YouTube as of Jan. 30.

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Coach Cuts Wrestler's Long Hair, Police Investigate

HILO, Hawaii (AP) — A friendly bet between a high school coach and a wrestler has led to a suspension and a police investigation in Hawaii.

Carla Fontes hadn't cut her hair since intermediate school, but her coach at Waiakea High School, Stan Haraguchi, thought the locks flowing below her waist were interfering with the sport. They bet if she lost a match, he would cut her hair. After a 3-0 start, Fontes lost her first match last week.

She allowed the coach to cut her hair at a team meeting Monday, even though Fontes' mother had expressly forbidden it. Fontes said she didn't relay that information to Haraguchi.

The coach has been suspended, said Donalyn Dela Cruz, spokeswoman for the state Department of Education.

Arlette Fontes was furious when her 15-year-old daughter came home with shoulder-length hair.

"I'm shaking," the mother told Hawaii Tribune-Herald ( ). "My daughter's hair went all the way down her butt before. Now it looks like a rat has been nibbling on it. That's a piece of her, gone. A piece of her body."

Carla Fontes said she loves wrestling and wants the sport to lead to a college scholarship.

"It lets me take some of my anger out," she said of wrestling. She said she wishes that her hair wasn't cut, "but it is what it is."

Haraguchi declined to comment.

"In any educational situation, it is always best practice to receive parent consent before making any decision that directly affects a student, especially in a situation like this," Principal Kelcy Koga said in an email.

Arlette Fontes said she will pursue charges against Haraguchi. Hawaii County police said the department started an investigation Tuesday.


Information from: Hawaii Tribune-Herald,

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The Baby In 'American Sniper' Was Even More Fake Than We Thought

The legacy of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle isn't the only controversial thing about "American Sniper."

If you saw the movie -- or even just the trailer -- and noticed something fishy about Kyle's baby daughter, this new sketch from CollegeHumor will remove any doubt that there were some issues in the art department.

Sigh, they grow up into 6-foot-party subs so fast.

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Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Has 9/11 Truthers' Support For 2015 Super Bowl

New Englanders might not be Pete Carrolls' biggest fans this week, but he apparently has lots of support from 9/11 "truthers" going into Super Bowl XLIX.

In 2013, Deadspin published a piece about Carroll's alleged truther ideology. The Seattle Seahawks' head coach reportedly met with retired general and Seahawks fan Peter Chiarelli in 2012; Chiarelli led U.S. troops during Operation Iraqi Freedom II and the conversation allegedly turned to Iraq, with Carroll questioning the government's account of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

"Every 9/11 conspiracy theory you can think of, Pete asked about," former NFL linebacker Riki Ellison, who was at the meeting, told Deadspin. "And he didn't stop at 9/11 -- he had lots of questions about the role of the military today... Pete grew up in California during Vietnam, and during Watergate. That's just the perspective he brings to the table."

Last year, truther Matt Mills rushed the stage during a press conference after the Seahawks' Super Bowl win to tout his view that 9/11 was planned by the U.S. government. Mills, who lives in Brooklyn, recently told USA Today Sports that "the implied support of Pete Carroll does help our cause. Every single 9/11 skeptic that I have ever spoken to has great respect for him."

On Tuesday, when asked about his truther fans, Carroll responded: "Any notoriety is good, I guess. I will always be interested in the truth, yeah."

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What Time Is The Super Bowl?

It's on Sunday, Feb. 1, at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and it's on NBC. The New England Patriots are playing the Seattle Seahawks. That's all you need to know.


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The Puppy Bowl's Utterly Adorable And Powerful Adoption Message

Millions of fans are going to be glued to their TV screens this Sunday, and there will be one important question on their minds: just who will emerge victorious -- Team Ruff or Team Fluff?

That’s right, folks. The 11th annual Puppy Bowl is upon us, and it promises to be an afternoon of ultimate animal cuteness, as two teams of rescue pooches are pitted against each other in a game of puppy "football." Viewers can also look forward to watching the antics of “giggling goat cheerleaders,” who will be rooting on their teams from the sidelines, as well as a kitty half-time show, featuring a bewigged rescue feline named “Katty Furry.”

puppy bowl 2015

puppy bowl players

But though it’ll certainly be fun to watch, the Animal Planet show isn’t just about fun and games. The event hopes to encourage people to adopt shelter animals, millions of whom are euthanized each year.

According to the the Humane Society of the United States, an estimated 2.7 million healthy and adoptable shelter pets are put down in U.S. shelters annually -- that’s a dog or cat losing its life every 11 seconds.

To promote the upcoming Puppy Bowl event, which airs on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. on Sunday, the channel has partnered with local shelters and animal welfare groups across the country to highlight rescue adoptions.

This week, for instance, Animal Planet and the Arizona Humane Society organized an adoption event in Phoenix, where adoptable dogs played against each other in a small-scale Puppy Bowl.

"Everybody loves a puppy. The amount of attention that we've got has been fantastic," Chris Finnegan, a senior vice president at Animal Planet, told Reuters at the Phoenix adoption event. "People just can't get enough. They're so sweet. They're so cute, and we're excited because it's getting the word out about animal adoptions."

On Wednesday, the channel also partnered with transportation app Uber to deliver adoptable shelter dogs to offices in 10 different cities. Office workers paid $30 for 15-minute cuddle sessions with the animals, and were later given the option of adopting them. All proceeds of the play sessions went to participating animal shelters, according to USA Today.

All of the dogs and cats participating in this year’s Puppy Bowl are shelter animals. They include an adorable Shih Tzu named Cara, a wide-eyed Pekingese named Bowser, and Boomer, a fluffy 18-week-old German Shepherd mix. According to NY Daily News, each of the 85 Puppy Bowl players is up for adoption.

"[Raising awareness about pet adoption] is the whole reason we try to get the word out about Puppy Bowl," Dan Schachner, who will play referee at Sunday's event, told the news outlet. “These puppies usually get adopted very quickly, but there’s so many more out there. You can find amazing dogs from your rescue center.”

Last year, a record 13.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the Puppy Bowl. Animal Planet says it's expecting an even larger audience this Sunday.

Find out more about the Puppy Bowl on

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Slow Motion Reveals How A DSLR Camera Works, At 10,000 Frames Per Second

Have you ever wondered how a DSLR camera's shutter works when a photograph is snapped? Thanks to YouTube's The Slow Mo Guys, you can wonder no more.

Using a Phantom Flex high-speed digital camera, The Slow Mo Guys’ Gavin Free was able to capture the movements of his Canon 7D’s mechanical shutter at a whopping 10,000 frames per second, revealing what actually happens when the camera takes a picture.

Free compared what happens to the shutter during exposures of various shutter speeds -- from 1/8000th of a second to 1/1000th. The movement is so incredibly quick, it'd be impossible to note the differences with the naked eye.


Fascinating stuff.

H/T Reddit

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18 Little White Lies Married Couples Tell Each Other

Let the record state that we do not condone lying to your husband or wife -- well, not really, anyway. But some fibs between spouses are so innocent and well-intentioned ("I love your vegan chili recipe!" "No, I would never watch an episode of 'House of Cards' without you!") that we feel pretty OK about letting them slide.

Below are 18 harmless lies that married Redditors and HuffPost readers tell their partners again and again. And don't judge -- you're probably guilty of some of these too.

1. "'Go on, go out and have fun. I'm happy to stay home with the kids.' Often true? Yes. True as often as I've said it? No."

via The Coding Love

2. "'Yes, I turned the heat up before coming to bed.' Pshhh, you kidding me? That utility bill ain't gonna pay itself."

3. "What, that old thing? Pff, I bought that like two years ago."

4. "OF COURSE, I'm waiting until you get home to watch the new episode of 'Walking Dead,' honey."

5. "That his mother's meddling doesn't get to me 'that much.'"

via Giphy

6. "I don't mind which side of the bed you sleep on. Now she sleeps on MY side."

7. "My parents were married for 43 years before my mom passed. When my dad's birthday came around the following year, both of my sisters made him a cherry pie -- his favorite. Mom made him one every year. He looked at each of us, and then smiled. 'I loved your mom with all my heart, but I never told her how much I hated cherry pies.'"

8. "That's not see-through."

9. "I love your meatloaf, honey. I'm going to take the leftovers to work for lunch!"

via Tumblr

10. "My wife and I have three children: two boys and a girl. Our oldest is named John. My wife must never know that I named our kid after Master Chief from 'Halo.'"

11. "About 35 years ago, my now-husband and I had to measure each other for a form we were filling in. We are exactly the same height, 5 feet 3 inches. I decided to give him a little ego boost and added an extra inch so he was taller than me. To this day he genuinely believes that is his correct height."

12. "That she's the most beautiful woman in the world. I mean, I know it's probably not true, but to me it is."

13. "No, I didn't already watch the DVR-recorded episodes of our favorite show."

via Zap2it

14. "That there's no spinach in his berry-banana smoothies."

15. "That I love 'Star Wars.' In reality, I love 'Star Trek.'"

16. "You know that rhyme, 'On top of spaghetti, all covered in cheese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed'? I've always told him that everyone I knew grew up singing, 'On top of spaghetti, all covered with sauce, I lost my poor meatball when somebody coughed.' It absolutely infuriates him and I keep insisting that that's the way everybody says it and he's weird."

17. "I don't snore."

18. "The kids never took a nap so that's why nothing got done. When in reality, they did, and I was just on Facebook the whole time."

via Popsugar

**Some responses have been edited and condensed.

H/T Reddit

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20 Banned Super Bowl Commercials That Never Made It To, Well, The Super Bowl

What’s the one thing people like more than Super Bowl ads? Sex. Oh, and family. Oh, and ice cream. Oh, and commercials that have been banned from the Super Bowl!

So since that is the unquestionable case -- do not question it -- we have decided to round up some of the most famous banned Super Bowl commercial from years past:

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Pizza Condoms, For People Who Like Pizza And Sex

Condoms are important. Pizza is amazing. They are now as one.

The Pizza Condom, created by Russian designer Marina Malygina aims to combine food and sex. It was inspired by an unfunny "Friends" scene. (Is there any other kind of "Friends" scene?)

pizza condom

The condom looks, but unfortunately, doesn't taste, like pizza. It comes in a package that looks like a pizza box.

This guy will be pleased.

Hat tip: Queerty

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This Adorably Unusual Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix Is Real And Basically Means Unicorns Probably Exist

Just when you think you've seen it all -- think again.

The Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society in Georgia shared photos of a very special pup that's available for adoption on its Facebook page earlier this week. Rami, a delightful pit bull-dachshund mix, has been attracting quite a bit of buzz on the Internet. His pictures have already racked up more than 30,000 shares.

The precious pooch, who has a pit bull-type head with a dachshund-type body, has become so popular that the Humane Society announced that they will put prospective owners through an interview process as a result of the influx of adoption requests. Don Flowers, manager of the shelter, told The Huffington Post that they have already received more than 200 applications for the pup, and will begin choosing an owner next week.


As this centaur of the dog world charms the hearts and minds of the Internet, we'll take his captivating existence as proof that somewhere out there, pigs are flying.

Enjoy an adorable video of him below:

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Odell Beckham Jr. Just Set A Guinness World Record, And It's Pretty Fitting

Let's give him a hand.

On Thursday, the New York Giants' Odell Beckham Jr., whose one-hand touchdown grab became a highlight must-see, set the Guinness World Record for one-handed catches in a minute.

We're not sure what's more newsworthy: that Beckham flawlessly caught 33 passes from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees or that this record now exists. One of Beckham's teammates seemed to agree.

ESPN filmed the officiated stunt in Scottsdale, Arizona, amid the Super Bowl buildup to Sunday's game. To count as a catch in this newly established Guinness category, the ball had to travel at least 10 yards.

Beckham was pretty pumped about the achievement. "The type of person I am, I love breaking records, no matter what it is," Beckham told ESPN.

The attempt was based on a VISA commercial that featured Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald catching balls with one hand while holding a cell phone in the other. Fitzgerald tweeted his congrats -- and a challenge.

Congrats, Odell. We really have to hand it to you.

H/T For The Win

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Nonprofit Wants You To Donate Poop To Help Save Lives

You may want to sit down for this.

While there’s no shortage of stories of gracious people giving blood and donating organs, a new nonprofit is encouraging people to hand over their No. 2’s to help those with plaguing gastrointestinal conditions.

After watching a friend and relative with C. difficile infection, an aggressive intestinal bug, suffer through 18 months of ineffective treatments, a small group of microbiologists, public health advocates and concerned citizens founded OpenBiome in 2012.

The concerned founders felt heartened when their loved one was able to recover after getting a fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT), aka a poop transplant, and they wanted to make it easier for other patients to get access to the life-changing procedure, according to the group’s website.

poop transplant

C. difficile attacks the lining of the intestines and can lead to constant diarrhea and severe abdominal pain, among other issues, according to WebMD. It affects about 500,000 people in the U.S. every year and can be fatal in extreme cases, according to OpenBiome. About 14,000 to 30,000 people succumb to the condition annually.

While introducing healthy fecal matter is relatively simple -- since it can be done via endoscopy, nasal tubes or swallowed capsules -- obtaining rigorously screened, healthy poop was incredibly challenging before OpenBiome hit the scene, The Washington Post reported. So desperate for a reprieve, many patients resorted to conducting at-home transplants, which can pose serious risks without proper medical supervision, according to the nonprofit.

The Medford, Massachusetts group has streamlined the process by exhaustively screening potential donors and then sending the filtered, frozen and ready-to-use fecal matter to hospitals and clinics around the country.

What used to take clinicians about two to three hours to conduct, now can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes.

As of December, OpenBiome has shipped more than 1,500 treatments of stool to 150 hospitals and clinics in 36 states.

And viable donors (you have to be between 18 and 50 and have a BMI less than 30) are compensated pretty handsomely.

Prospective donors get $40 for a sample, and accepted donors can earn up to $250 a week (that’s $13,000 a year).

"We get most of our donors to come in three or four times a week, which is pretty awesome," co-founder Mark Smith told The Post. "You're usually helping three or four patients out with each sample, and we keep track of that and let you know."

While the group doesn’t currently have the bandwidth to correspond directly with patients, it’s doing its part to help people who can’t afford the procedure.

In the last six months, OpenBiome has sent 45 pro bono treatments, which included a homeless veteran who was being treated at a VA hospital, Carolyn Edelstein, an OpenBiome employee, told HuffPost via email.

The vet had recurring episodes of C. difficile and his social worker reached out to the organization for help.

"She had expected to have to negotiate hard against a more traditional pharmaceutical organization for a discount, and was very glad we had the program," Edelstein said. "The procedure went well, and he's since recovered."

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Ancient Skull Sheds New Light On Human-Neanderthal Sex

An ancient human skull fragment found in Israel may come from a close relative of the first modern humans to colonize Europe, researchers say.

The finding sheds light on the migration of modern humans out of Africa, and could provide insights into when modern humans first interbred with Neanderthals, scientists added.

Modern humans first arose between 150,000 and 200,000 years ago in Africa. Scientists have suggested the African exodus of modern humans started between 60,000 and 70,000 years ago, but much remains a mystery about this dispersal because of the scarcity of human fossils from this time. [See Photos of Our Closest Human Ancestor]

Now, researchers have discovered a 55,000-year-old partial skull in Israel, from about the time when modern humans expanded out of Africa. The investigators say the anatomy of this fossil may offer clues about what the first modern human Europeans were like.

The fossil was discovered accidentally in 2008, when a bulldozer unearthed a cave during a construction project at the modern settlement of Manot, in northern Israel. The original entrance to the cave was sealed off by a rockfall about 30,000 years ago, making it a relatively pristine time capsule, according to co-lead study author Ofer Marder, an archaeologist at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.

human skull fragment

The fossil, named Manot 1, was the skullcap, or top part of a skull, of a modern human adult. The skull contained a relatively small brain of around 1,100; in contrast, the modern human brain averages around 1,400 milliliters, according to study co-author Bruce Latimer, a paleontologist at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

"The most exciting thing about Manot 1 is that it is the first and yet the only modern human securely dated to 60,000 to 50,000 years ago outside of the African continent," said co-lead study author Israel Hershkovitz, a physical anthropologist at Tel Aviv University in Israel.

The fossil reveals a distinctive bun shape at the back of the person's skull. This shape resembles recent African and ancient European skulls, but differs from modern humans from the Levant, the eastern Mediterranean region that includes Israel. This finding suggests that the ancient Manot people could be closely related to the first modern humans that colonized Europe.

The skullcap is also evidence that modern humans and Neanderthals both inhabited this area close to when modern humans and Neanderthals interbred, the scientists added.

"The coexistence of these two populations in a confined geographic region at the same time that genetic models predict interbreeding promotes the notion that interbreeding may have occurred in the Levant region," Hershkovitz told Live Science.

The researchers plan to hunt for more fossils in the Manot Cave in July. "We expect to find more in the coming excavation seasons," said study co-author Omry Barzilai, an archaeologist at the Israel Antiquities Authority in Jerusalem.

The scientists detailed their findings online today (Jan. 28) in the journal Nature.

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Meet Rodrigo Alves, The New 'Human Ken Doll'

After spending more than $250,000 on plastic surgery procedures, Rodrigo Alves has been dubbed the new "Human Ken Doll."

Alves, a 31-year-old flight attendant who was born in Brazil and lives in London, reportedly went under the knife on Monday in Colombia for a six-in-one operation, including an eye augmentation and a procedure to cut his mouth to make his smile bigger.

"It’s a long process," he said, per the Daily Mail. "It is long-term maintenance. Once you start, it is difficult to stop. Naturally, I’m a perfectionist. It’s like a snowball effect and I’m not going to stop. It doesn’t define the man that I am - I’m much more than silicone and cosmetic surgery - but once you get started it’s difficult to stop."

Alves, who sought therapy after a previous procedure led to serious complications, recently appeared on the Channel 4 series "Bodyshockers."

While he told a woman looking into plastic surgery that he might've done things differently -- "[it] can become addicting, and it doesn't always turn out the way we imagine" -- he ultimately said he doesn't have any regrets about the choices he has made to alter his physical appearance.

"I'm pretty aware that I'm far from perfection," he said. "I'm not deluded, and I know that I'm not the most good-looking guy. I'm just aiming to be the best that I can possibly be." Adding: "I really believe that everything that I've done to myself is an investment ... It is who I am."

Alves has apparently taken to the moniker "Ken Doll" -- a title previously given to Justin Jedlica -- and referenced it in a recent Instagram post, writing: "I never set out to look like the #kendoll it was a nick name given by my friends and the press which doesn't bother me at all. I just wanted to be a better person and I truly am #happy."

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Pro Wrestler Mick Foley Cheats At Wing Bowl, Hides Food In Fanny Pack

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Professional wrestling star Mick Foley was ejected from the Wing Bowl eating contest Friday after stuffing uneaten chicken wings into a fanny pack.

People following the event on social media dubbed Foley's attempt at boosting his wing total "inflate gate," a play on the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots' deflated football controversy. Chicago's Patrick Bertoletti won with a Wing Bowl record 444 wings in 26 minutes. He edged out 2014 champion Molly Schuyler, of Bellevue, Nebraska, who eclipsed her record 363-wing mark with 440 wings.

The fan-favorite Foley, who's known in the ring as Mankind, said after his ouster that he didn't want to overstuff himself and get sick, like other competitors.

"I didn't want that to be my legacy," said Foley. "So I stretched the rules. I thought people would appreciate that, right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!"

Wing Bowl started in 1993 as a way for Philadelphia's long-suffering sports fans to blow off steam before the Super Bowl.

About 20,000 people gathered at the Wells Fargo Arena — home of the Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Flyers — to drink beer and watch scantily clad women serve competitors wings.

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Croissants Weren't Invented By The French, FYI

Croissants are wonderful, delicious, flakey pieces of buttery goodness. But you've been lied to about their origins.

You probably think that croissants, pastry of the gods, were thought up by those genius French bakers who came up with macarons. But in reality, croissants are actually of Austrian descent, dreamed up in the 17th century by an artillery officer.

Despite the Austrian origins, there is a French connection. Queen Marie-Antoinette of the "Let them eat cake" myth actually let the French people eat croissants, which she introduced to the public sometime in the 18th century. The recipe has changed over the years, and the croissants we eat now are more similar to the croissants made in the 1900s.

marie antoinette

But if you're still feeling blindsided, don't worry -- even Kanye West thinks France when he thinks croissants. In his song "I AM A GOD," silly Kanye rapped: "In a French-ass restaurant/ hurry up with my damn croissants."

French bakers responded to Kanye (yes, this is true) asking him to have some patience. Really though, West should have rapped, "In an Austrian-ass restaurant..." Heartbreaking.

We know that it's hard to fathom this lie you've been fed for years, so here's some croissant porn just to heal your wounds:






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