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Obama Doesn't Like Katy Perry -- He LOVES Her

We have an important clarification to make: President Barack Obama doesn't like Katy Perry.

He LOVES her.

HuffPost's Jen Bendery was the pool reporter during an event Thursday in which the president sung the praises of Perry, who would perform that evening at a White House event for the Special Olympics.

"I like Katy Perry," Bendery's initial pool report quoted the president as saying. "She is just a wonderful person. I just met her mom, now I know why she's such a wonderful person."

Committed to getting the story right, Jen gave the audio another listen and found the president actually has stronger feelings for the "California Gurls" singer-songwriter:


There was a lot of love to go around at the event. Jen also caught this unforgettable moment and shared it via Twitter:


Ah, So This Is What Perfect Timing Looks Like

As far as wedding photos go, this pic is everything you could ever possibly want or wish for. Why? Two words: SHARK KISS.


Credit: JPG Photography

The perfectly timed photo was taken at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ in 2010, but didn't pick up steam until it was posted to Reddit on Wednesday.

And skeptics, we know what you're thinking -- this awesome picture must be photoshopped. We initially had our doubts as well, so we reached out to the photographer who assured us that the photo is 100 percent real.

"Every photographer does some work to it, meaning a little change in exposure, contrast, saturation, etc., but it is not photoshopped in the manipulative ways," Joe Gidjunis told us via email. "That shark is real. Everything about it is real and true."

So how exactly did he capture the perfect shot?

"I remember doing the photo for one to two minutes, and I think we took about 10 photos. This one with the shark was toward the last of the series, and I think the shark was curious about the flash popping in this tank, and came over to see what was happening. I'd like to say we waited for the perfect moment, but it was a lot of luck."

And one more badass shark shot because why not:


Credit: JPG Photography

[h/t Reddit]

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Nearly Naked Man Tripping On Acid Fires Gun At Pizzeria, Police Say

Here's a volatile combination: nudity, guns, drugs and pizza.

At least for Phillip Engle, the 27-year-old man who found himself in a not-so-happy situation at Happy's Pizza in Muskegon Charter Township, Michigan, this weekend.

Engle, who lives next door, allegedly showed up at the pizzeria wearing just a towel Saturday evening, with his three young children in tow. According to the police incident report, Engle was carrying a gun, and he used it to bang on the glass door until it shattered. The gun then allegedly discharged, and police found a bullet casing lodged in the door's metal frame.

Officers who responded to the scene say they found Engle on his porch with a handgun. He threw the gun in the yard when ordered to drop it. Later he told them that he had three loaded guns in his home, which they confiscated for safekeeping.

An employee at Happy's Pizza told an officer from the Muskegon Township Police Department that when Engle was at the shop, he yelled, "No one will help me," and "No one will feed my kids!" He also allegedly said, "I'm trippin' out!"

Engle reportedly told police that he had earlier consumed four hits of LSD.

One of Engle's young children told officers that her father had also shot the dashboard of their car because it wouldn't stop beeping. They found a spent casing on the dashboard and what appeared to be a bullet hole.

According to Fox 17, Engle's wife said she took out a personal protection order from him.

Engle was arraigned on four misdemeanor charges Monday: malicious destruction of property worth $200 to $1,000, careless discharge of a firearm, reckless use of a firearm and possession of a firearm while under the influence.


Cronut Guy To Sell Ice Cream Sundaes Out Of A Can, From A Truck

It's been more than a year since the debut of Chef Dominique Ansel's coveted Cronut, and the hubbub shows no sign of dulling down any time soon. At the crack of dawn, well into this year, sugar-seeking patrons were still waiting in line for the chance to taste one of Ansel's masterful pastries at his bakery in New York City's SoHo area.

We can only imagine, then, what the hysteria will look like when Chef Ansel debuts his one-day, pop-up ice cream truck, called "Pop It," this Saturday, August 2, in East Hampton.

The experimental culinary artist will be selling Warhol-inspired cans filled with sundaes of root beer and stracciatella ice cream, mascarpone semifreddo, macerated cherries, mini marshmallows and meringues.

According to the New York Post, each can serves two and can be purchased for $15. Twenty percent of the proceeds will go toward a New York charity called City Harvest, so even though you'll be gastronomically indulging, at least you'll also be doing some good.

H/T: Eater

P.S. If you can't hitch a ride to Long Island's swank beach city for a taste of the stuff, here are some recipes that will, hopefully, keep you satisfied:

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Cybersex Instructional Video From 1997 Is So Bad It's Good (But Still Bad)

Dear single people of the world: do you ever find yourself at home on a Saturday night, cursing your lame Tinder matches and wishing there was more to your sex life?

Well, cry no more; "How To Have CyberSex On The Internet" is here to help you.

This instructional video, discovered by the folks at Found Footage, is from a VHS tape circa 1997 (from a company called Scimitar Entertainment) and gives viewers a step-by-step guide to having incredible sex online. For example, it will teach you how to "master the art of one-handed typing" and how to send sexy messages like, "I'm very horny and looking for some good cybersex are you interested?"

Of course, all this must be done topless, while wearing high-waisted jeans and a belt -- as illustrated by the lovely instructor. Enjoy!

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CEO Gets Epic Retirement Party Fit For A Boss

With a send-off this awesome, this CEO will never doubt that he's "the man."

When Mark Sebba, CEO of online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter, decided to step down from the company after 11 years of service, his staff threw him a pretty boss retirement party. A video uploaded to YouTube shows Sebba walking into Net-a-Porter's London office on July 11, expecting business as usual, only to be greeted by a gospel singer and crowds of adoring employees, singing and dancing along to their own rendition of Aloe Blacc's "The Man."

Sebba navigated his way around the office to find a mariachi band, dancers, a gospel choir, acrobats and screaming "fans" holding posters of the beloved boss. Best of all, screens showed video of employees in the company's New Jersey, Shanghai and Hong Kong offices performing choreographed dances for a much-loved Sebba.

After finishing the epic farewell tour of the office, Sebba cracks a joke, telling his employees, "Thank you very much, everybody. I'm a bit overwhelmed, but how about getting back to work?"

We'll never have to wonder if his staff will miss him when he's gone.

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Amazing 'See-Through' Mice Seen As Aid To Study Of Anatomy

NEW YORK (AP) — Researchers have found a way to make see-through mice, but you won't find these critters scampering in your kitchen.

The transparent rodents aren't alive and they're for research only, to help scientists study fine details of anatomy. Before they are treated with chemicals, the animals are euthanized and their skin removed. Researchers made their inner organs transparent, but not their bones.

The results look like a rodent-shaped block of gelatin with the organs held in place by connective tissue and a gel used in the procedure.

Mice are mainstays of biomedical research because much of their basic biology is similar to ours and they can be altered in ways that simulate human diseases.

Scientists have been able to make tissues transparent to some degree for a century, and in recent years several new methods have been developed. Last year, for example, a technique that produced see-through mouse brains made headlines. Such treatments reveal far more detail than X-rays or MRI exams could deliver.

The new work is the first to make an entire transparent mouse, experts said.

It should be useful for projects like mapping the details of the nervous system or the spread of cancer within lab animals, said Viviana Gradinaru of the California Institute of Technology, senior author of a paper describing the work. It was released Thursday by the journal Cell.

It might also help doctors analyze biopsy samples from people someday, she said.

The see-through technique involves pumping a series of chemicals through blood vessels, as well as other passages in the brain and spinal cord. Some chemicals form a mesh to hold tissue in place. Others wash out the fats that make tissue block light. It takes about a week to create a transparent mouse, Gradinaru said. The researchers have also made transparent rats, which take about two weeks, she said.

Scientists can use stains to highlight anatomical details like the locations of active genes.





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Dinosaurs Evolved Into Birds After 'Shrinking And Shrinking' For 50 Million Years

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists have mapped how a group of fearsome, massive dinosaurs evolved and shrank to the likes of robins and hummingbirds.

Comparing fossils of 120 different species and 1,500 skeletal features, especially thigh bones, researchers constructed a detailed family tree for the class of two-legged meat-eaters called theropods. That suborder of dinos survives to this day as birds, however unrecognizable and improbable it sounds. The steady downsizing and elegant evolution of the theropods is detailed in the journal Science on Thursday.

"They just kept on shrinking and shrinking and shrinking for about 50 million years," said study author Michael S. Y. Lee of the University of Adelaide in Australia. He called them "shape-shifters."

Lee and colleagues created a dinosaur version of the iconic ape-to-man drawing of human evolution. In this version, the lumbering large dinos shrink, getting more feathery and big-chested, until they are the earliest version of birds.

For a couple decades scientists have linked birds to this family of dinosaurs because they shared hollow bones, wishbones, feathers and other characteristics. But the Lee study gives the best picture of how steady and unusual theropod evolution was. The skeletons of theropods changed four times faster than other types of dinosaurs, the study said.

A few members of that dino family did not shrink, including T. rex, which is more of a distant cousin to birds than a direct ancestor, Lee said.

He said he and colleagues were surprised by just how consistently the theropods shrank over evolutionary time, while other types of dinosaurs showed ups and downs in body size.

The first theropods were large, weighing around 600 pounds. They roamed about 220 million to 230 million years ago. Then about 200 million years ago, when some of the creatures weighed about 360 pounds, the shrinking became faster and more prolonged, the study said. In just 25 million years, the beasts were slimmed down to barely 100 pounds. By 167 million years ago, 6-pound paravians, more direct ancestor of birds, were around.

And 163 million years ago the first birds, weighing less than two pounds, probably came on the scene, the study said

Paul Sereno, a dinosaur researcher at the University of Chicago who wasn't part of this study, praised Lee's work as innovative.

The steady size reduction shows "something very strange going on," Sereno said. "This is key to what went on at the origin of birds."

People may think bigger is better, but sometimes when it comes to evolution smaller can be better because bigger creatures are more likely to go extinct, Sereno said.

And when the theropods started shrinking there weren't many other small species that would compete with them, Lee said.

"The dinosaur ancestors of birds found a new niche and a new way of life," Lee said.

Sereno added, "When you are small, it's a totally different ball game. You can fly and glide and I think that's what drove it."



The journal Science:


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Giraffe Dies After Hitting Head On Highway Bridge In South Africa

A giraffe reportedly died this week on a South African highway after hitting its head on a bridge. The animal is said to have been traveling at the back of an open-air truck at the time.

According to the BBC, the giraffe — which was with a companion — was on its way to a game farm in Warmbarths, located about 99 miles outside Johannesburg, when the incident occurred.

Rick Allan of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals told NBC News that “the way that these giraffes were being transported was incorrect and not up to standards.”

"Their heads were above the vehicle which meant that one of them cracked their head [on] the bridge. That's something we are very concerned about and we will be looking at a prosecution under animal cruelty legislation,” he told the news outlet, adding that the giraffe had probably died instantly.

On Thursday, several eyewitnesses posted photographs on Twitter of the giraffe before its death. One of these Twitter users, a South African TV and radio presenter named Pabi Moloi, described the scene to Mashable.

“As I was getting [photographs of the giraffes] the truck went under a bridge and suddenly one of the giraffes hit its head hard on the concrete. The sound was so loud that my cousin, who was driving, asked me if there was someone shooting because she thought she'd heard a gunshot,” she said. “That sound of a skull being hit and the force with which it threw the giraffes head forward is something I won't easily forget."

Many Twitter users have noted that the incident is similar to a scene in "The Hangover Part III" in which a giraffe gets decapitated after hitting its head on a bridge.

Since giraffes are so tall, Mashable notes, in the past, zoos have used special, custom-built trailers and vehicles to transport the animals.

In 2012, for instance, a giraffe was transported from the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, New South Wales, to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney in a specially designed transport crate, per; and last year, BBC reported that a giraffe in England named Tonda was moved from one zoo to another in a trailer with an adjustable roof. Source:

All The SDCC Cosplay Costumes You Missed In One Super Music Video

If by chance you missed this year's San Diego Comic-Con, or you want to see what sweet cosplay costumes are in store for the New York and Chicago editions, you must watch the video put together by Sneaky Zebra. Some of these costumes are UNREAL.

Among the attending cosplays were TV and movie characters, plenty of anime love and, of course, all the superhero action you could ask for. The amount of effort that must have gone into some of these outfits ... it was time well spent.

P.S. Guy dressed as Apocalypse? Blue ribbon to you, sir.


Watch A Cuddly Bulldog Puppy Try Its Darndest To Get Up

Aww. "I've fallen and I can't get up," is what this bulldog puppy is thinking after playing with dad.

But with some accelerated air swimming ...

... the puppy is able to hoist itself up again.

Victory is yours, little one!

via America's Funniest Home Videos

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HUNDREDS OF CATS Take Over Island, Cause Meow-hem

NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. (AP) — A small island near Buffalo has a big cat problem thanks to people who have abandoned felines there over the years.

WIVB-TV reports ( ) that hundreds of feral and abandoned cats are believed to be on the Niagara River's Tonawanda Island.

Mike Charnock owns a marina and restaurant on the 85-acre island just north of Buffalo. He says the cats are making a mess of the island, and even have gotten onto boats at his marina.

Danielle Coogan has launched Operation Island Cats to stem the growing problem. She's trapping cats and having them spayed or neutered by veterinarians.

In the last 10 days, she has trapped 10 cats. Kittens will be put up for adoptions. Adult cats will be returned to the island.


Information from: WIVB-TV, Source:

Don't Say These 18 Things Unless You Want To Get Dumped

When you're in love, you learn to accept things that might otherwise be deal breakers: the fact that he chews loudly with his mouth open or the way her hair clogs the drain every single time she showers.

But there are some things -- some statements, specifically -- that just won't fly. Below, Redditors share the one sentence their S.O. could say that would instantly result in a breakup.

1. "I got us a stick figure family sticker for the minivan."

2. "'I'm gay.' Not that I wouldn't still enjoy her company, I just wouldn't be able to continue dating her."

3. "The Holocaust was kind of exaggerated if you ask me."

4. "Toilet paper goes under."

5. "I rented 'Grown Ups 2' for movie night!"

6. "My parents are moving in."

7. "The Lannisters send their regards."

10. "'It's me or the dogs.' Dog love is unconditional, and so is my love for them."

11. "'The Phantom Menace' was the best one..."

12. "My ex-boyfriend is in jail for murder but I think he gets out soon."

13. "You know, your brother really is the hottest and smartest member of your family."

14. "Evolution is just a theory."

15. "'I have a four-year-old daughter that no one in my life knows about that I only see occasionally.' True story."

16. "Hey babe, I bought us matching Crocs! "

17. "'I chea--' Bye!"

18. "I just don't like bacon."

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Rare, Yellow Lobster Rescued From Florida Supermarket

When Marybeth Jeitner saw this brightly-colored lobster sitting in a tank at the supermarket, she knew it was something special. How special? According to the University of Maine Lobster Institute, the odds of finding a yellow lobster are one in 30 million.

The lobster had not escaped the attention of others in the supermarket, a Florida Publix. Greg Rogers, the seafood manager at the store, told the Palm Coast Observer that the oddly-colored crustacean had attracted a lot of attention. "A lot of people stopped and took pictures," he said. Jeitner told The Huffington Post that it was Rogers who alerted a friend of hers to the rare lobster in the tank.

But it was Jeitner who decided to make it her mission to save the lobster, which she named Libbie, short for liberation. Jeitner and her friend Heather Chalmers bought Libbie from the supermarket and kept her in a salt water tank in Chalmers' kitchen, cooling the tank with ice and frozen bottles until they could find a long-term solution.

Employees at the supermarket also played a role in saving the lobster. The Palm Coast Observer reports that the staff kept the lobster from being sold and helped the friends prepare the lobster's tank.

They asked many local aquariums if they could take the lobster, but none had the cold-water tanks necessary to house Libbie. Employees at the Publix had also tried calling local marine centers, but with no luck. Jeitner said that she even considered sending Libbie to Rhode Island to be set free in the ocean.

After a long search, Libbie "is now safe and happy in her new home in the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, New Hampshire," Jeitner told HuffPost.

"The most exciting part of all of this to me is that Libbie survived this whole ordeal to become famous and make children who come see her happy," Jeitner said. She and Chalmers plan to write on a children's book to tell Libbie's story. Source:

Florida Man Allegedly Chucks Furniture At Mail Truck, Attacks Mailman

OCALA, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man is under arrest after authorities say he hit a postal carrier and threw furniture at his truck because he didn't have any mail for him.

Ocala Police Department Sgt. Angy Scroble said 27-year-old Aaron Bernard Smith faces charges of burglary, battery and criminal mischief.

Scroble said the postman told police Smith struck him with an open fist at least three times on Monday and later threw a broken chair or stool at the truck. A witness told police she saw Smith throwing furniture at the truck.

Court records show that Smith has been taken for mental health evaluations twice in the past. No one answered the telephone Thursday afternoon at the public defender's office, which is representing him. Source:

Why One First-Grader Had To Sit On The Floor For Weeks While Her Classmates Used Desks

A Texas mother wants to get her son and daughter transferred out of their school after she learned that her daughter was made to sit on a classroom floor for weeks.

According to ABC affiliate KTRK, a Houston mother who wishes to remain anonymous said her first-grade daughter was forced to sit in class without a desk, as punishment for drawing on her previous desk.

The mother said the Spring Branch Independent School District told her that her daughter’s punishment consisted of going to the principal’s office, apologizing to the janitor and cleaning the vandalized desk; but she said the family did not learn about the continuing punishment until weeks later, when her daughter came home and revealed that she had been sitting on the floor and writing on a clipboard instead of a desk.

The mother also said that her daughter kept the punishment a secret because she was scared, reports Houston outlet KHOU-TV.

"She thought what she had done was so bad she didn't deserve to have a desk," the mom said, per KHOU.

The family has since filed a grievance with the district.

In a statement, the school district said it had appropriately reprimanded the teacher and offered to let the girl transfer to another school. From its statement, per News 92 FM in Houston:

Spring Branch ISD has investigated the circumstances regarding the classroom management at one of our elementary schools. As the parents have acknowledged, the teacher involved has been appropriately reprimanded. The family has been offered multiple opportunities to transfer their child, either to another teacher within the school or to any elementary school in the District where enrollment is not capped, but instead they chose to file a grievance.

According to KHOU, the family has chosen a new school in the district for their daughter to attend, but they are upset because the school reportedly does not have room for the girl’s brother. Additionally, the family feels that the school did not go far enough in helping their daughter deal with this incident.

"Apparently, the district's position is that the teacher has been reprimanded and that should be enough," said a statement from the family’s attorney, according to the Houston Chronicle. "I doubt that will bring this little girl comfort when she wakes up with nightmares and worries that her second-grade teacher will treat her the same way next year." Source:

This Law School Grad Made A Serious Case For Pizza And Won!

This soon-to-be-lawyer made what will surely be her greatest appeal ever over humankind's most basic freedom -- her right to a piece of the pie. Pizza pie, that is.

In an email sent to HuffPost, this recent law school grad from New York explained that she visited the student lounge at her school in hopes of snagging a cheesy reprieve from studying. Though she graduated in May, she said she was entitled to the pizza through her activities fee that doesn't expire until August. When she was turned away by a staff member, she fought back the only way a law student would.

In the witty email below, written to Student Affairs and titled "Since When Is Free Pizza Not Free Anymore," the brave would-be Erin Brockovich fights for what's right. Of course, her compelling case won her free pizza on the dean.

law school email

The law school grad wrote in the email above:

I’m a recent BLS alum studying for the bar exam, paid $100K to attend this school and $21 to the Dean’s Challenge, and was denied a slice of free pizza today from one of your staff members wearing a purple shirt today because he said the pizza was only for 2Ls.  Since when did free student lounge pizzabecome free for only 2Ls?!

Thank you.

To which the dean responded:

Hey- when can we grab a pizza on me?  Before or after the bar to celebrate?

Bring a few friends.

As thousands of sleep-deprived, stressed-out law school graduates took the bar exam this week, this interaction above proves that despite the potential of being jobless and in debt, a three-year, $100,000 education pays off in all the ways that matter -- namely being equipped to plead your case for the silly most important things in life.

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Lion Bites Finger Off At Small Michigan Zoo, Woman Claims

EAST TAWAS, Mich. (AP) — State police are investigating a woman's report that a lion bit off part of her finger at a small private zoo in northern Michigan.

Renae Ferguson tells WNEM-TV ( ) that the big cat "ripped" her finger as she tried to pet it Saturday at Sunrise Side Exotics and Nature Trail in East Tawas, about 130 miles north of Detroit. Lt. Melvin Mathews tells The Associated Press that authorities are investigating.

Ferguson and her daughter Tina Dobson say they were visiting the zoo and an employee allowed them to go into the lion's cage.

The zoo's owners tell WNEM in an email that "the lady went into the security area and was told by the guide to get back."

AP left messages Thursday seeking comment from the zoo's owners.


Information from: WNEM-TV, Source:

This Dog Has Quite The Weird Way Of Stopping, And It Is Awesome

You know that moment when you really, really want to keep running -- but your hind legs have other plans? No?

Stella the dog does. In this video from Jody Hartman, Stella runs, runs, runs and... stops! But not in the way you'd expect.

We're not quite sure how -- or why -- she learned how to pump the brakes in this way, but it's adorable.

Keep on stoppin', Stella. Source:

Mom Puts Her 4-Year-Old In A Hooters Outfit, 'Cuz That's A Good Idea

When it comes to "child beautification" how far is too far?

For some, the idea of child glamour in and of itself is disturbing. But this was definitely not the case for Leann, 33, of London, who dressed her 4-year-old daughter, Scarlett, in a Hooters waitress outfit for a beauty pageant.

This shocking clip of the child dancing suggestively in the controversial costume comes from the UK Channel 5 documentary "Blinging Up Baby." The documentary features not just child pageants, but also a purported trend involving parents who accessorize their kids with diamonds, makeup, spray tans and costumes even if they aren't competing in pageants.

The Telegraph criticizes the film's claim that this so-called phenomenon is going mainstream, however, and asserts there are actually no more than 20 parents countrywide participating in the "fad."

Trend or not, 20 parents subjecting their children to this practice seems like 20 parents too many. And one kid in a Hooters outfit is definitely one Hooters clad 4-year-old too many.


“Some people may say it’s controversial, especially the theme I’ve chosen, but at the end of the day, little girls wear swimming costumes to the beach all summer, and that’s not a controlled environment,” says Leann in the documentary. “The environment my kids go in is a controlled environment and it is ticket-entry only.”

Hmm. It seems the blatant sexual associations that come with a Hooters outfit makes this point a little moot. But maybe that's just us.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below. Source:

'Monster' Alligator Fight Captured In Stunning Photos

This is why most Floridians don't walk their dogs near a lake: you just never know when an alligator is lurking nearby, ready to lunge at something smaller.

But alligators will also attack each other, usually over territory. One such instance of gator-on-gator violence was captured in stunning photos by Tampa amateur photographer Neil A. Furlong, who witnessed a bull gator -- a large, dominant male -- utterly destroy a smaller alligator estimated to be about eight feet long.

"Monster Gator!!!" Furlong posted on Facebook, explaining that after the bull gator chomped the smaller one in two, it then slammed the bottom half of the carcass against the water to rip out a piece of meat. The resulting photos look something like the world's goriest wrestling match:

gator eats gator

gator eats gator

gator on gator

gator on gator

"My heart was pumping when I got through taking these photos," he said.

Furlong had been photographing birds at the Circle B Bar Reserve, a former cattle ranch turned wildlife-filled nature preserve, when he heard a splash and turned his camera to the water.

"The sun wasn't the best, and I had almost given up for the day," he explained. "I knew that the gator had gotten something. So I just focused on the head of the alligator and just kind of sat there and waited. I still didn't know what I had captured... I looked on the LCD screen, and all I can tell you is when I actually saw it, it was one of those moments -- although being a [relatively new] photographer, I knew I had captured something you don't see very often."

He later showed the images to his nephew, an alligator gator hunter, who estimated that the bull was between 12 and 14 feet and the smaller gator around eight, as only the smaller gator's bottom half is seen in the photos.

The epic gator battle isn't the only grisly nature fight Furlong has captured at Circle B -- he's also photographed a duel between a snake and a blue heron. Check out more of his photos on his Facebook page. Source:

Is It Your Job To Warn An Ex's New Flame?

By Tara Eisenhard for

Many years ago, I found myself standing in my boyfriend’s home, listening patiently as he argued with his ex on the phone. It was one of those petty discussions about absolutely nothing, a mere excuse for connection between two individuals struggling to let go of each other.

At the time, I was the New Girlfriend, and his ex had recently learned about me. Needless to say, she wasn’t happy about the news of him moving on. She was screaming loud enough that I could hear her across the room.

“Does that woman have any idea what a horrible person you are?” she asked.

At that point, he opted to involve me in the conversation. “Tara?” He he turned to me. “Do you know how horrible I am?”

I smiled and gave him a sarcastic, “yeah.”

At that point, his ex decided to speak to me. Once we were connected, her angry tone dissipated as she embraced a more big-sister kind of role. “When I met him, I never thought he would ever hurt me,” she confessed.

At the time, I thought she was crazy and tried to contain my laughter. “Well then,” I told her. “I guess you must’ve done something to deserve it.”

To this day, I have no idea what her intentions were. Did she honestly want to warn me about the dangers of getting involved with the man who had caused her so much pain? Or was she just trying to scare me away in hopes that they might reconcile? It doesn’t matter. The point of my story is this: Don’t bother trying to warn a new woman about your ex.

You might have the best of intentions. Perhaps you really do want to save her the trouble and heartache that you’ve come to know so well. However, chances are your advice will fall on deaf ears. Here’s why:

She doesn’t want to hear it. Their relationship is new and exciting. When they’re together, she feels exhilarated and happier than she’s ever been in her life. Your ex is currently fulfilling the role of Man Of Her Dreams, and she can’t imagine him as anything else. Your well-intentioned warning of his dark side would come as an unwelcome buzz kill. If she were to hear you at all, she’d likely reject your advice because it conflicts with everything her heart tells her.

She won’t give you any credit. In their love story, she’s Cinderella and he’s Prince Charming. Who are you? You’re the bitter ex and unfortunately, your experience doesn’t count for much in her mind. He probably told her that you were a terrible partner and he suffered miserably for most of the time you were together. It’s realistic to assume that she thinks you’re jealous of her age, beauty and happiness. Why on Earth should she listen to you?

She needs to make (and learn from) her own mistakes. Remember when you thought your parents were old fuddy-duddies who knew nothing? They probably warned you about a lot of things, yet you had to find out for yourself. Didn’t you? She does too.

You might be wrong. What if the New Woman is truly better suited to build a life with your ex? The possibility exists that she’s a more compatible partner than you were. As time goes by, she might bring out the best in him, and that will likely make things better for you.

The cold hard truth is this: Once you and your ex have separated, his relationships are none of your business. As a mother, you have every right to be concerned about your children’s comfort and safety with the new woman. But as an (angry, wounded, bitter, smarter) ex, you have no right to counsel another adult about her choice in romantic partners.

The good news is, while you’re not busy worrying about your ex’s new flame, you have more time to think about yourself. Keep learning from your own experiences, and you can look forward to greater happiness in your own life.

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Virginia GOP Official Questions The Contributions Of Muslim Americans

Bob FitzSimmonds, treasurer of the Virginia Republican Party, is coming under fire from local officials for some eyebrow-raising comments he made about Muslims on his Facebook page.

FitzSimmonds said the following in response to President Barack Obama's statement on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr:

Virginia Republicans are denouncing FitzSimmonds' comments.

State Del. David Ramadan (R), whose family is Muslim, told The Washington Post that "if Bob digs deep enough into his roots, he will find his ancestors came to this country looking for religious freedom."

"Yes, we should thank every loyal patriot American -- Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus or any other religions -- for their contributions to our United States, the greatest nation ever," he added.

Del. William Howell (R), the speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates, told The Washington Post, "Mr. FitzSimmonds should resign. The comments are reprehensible and not reflective of the values of the commonwealth or its citizens."

This isn't the first time FitzSimmonds has made questionable statements.

In November 2012, FitzSimmonds posted on his Facebook page his view that "when Obama is 90 years old and he dies and goes to Hell, he is going to say 'This is all Bush's fault.'"

In February 2014, FitzSimmonds used the term "sexist twat" in a conversation about potential female GOP candidates for Congress. It took place, once again, on Facebook. Source:

Asteroid Barrage Gave Ancient Earth A 'Facelift,' Study Shows

Earth got a "face-lift" early in its history, wiping out most of its original crust, according to a new model of the ancient barrage of asteroids called the Late Heavy Bombardment.

Earth itself is about 4.5 billion years ago, but it's rare to find rocks older than those formed about 3.8 billion years ago. One reason older rocks may be missing is that they were destroyed when asteroids and comets pummeled the Earth, moon and inner planets of the solar system, scientists report today (July 30) in the journal Nature.

young earth

This artist's impression depicts the surface of the early Earth covered by large impact craters and liquid water.

"The surface of the Earth was heavily affected by all these collisions," said lead study author Simone Marchi, a planetary scientist with the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado. "There's no doubt the crust was excavated, mixed and buried as a result of this bombardment." [Photo Timeline: How the Earth Formed]

According to the model by Marchi and his co-authors, the meteor storm resurfaced Earth's outer crust and destroyed much of the planet's original rocks, similar to how a dermatologist's microdermabrasion wand buffs away skin, giving patients an instant face-lift. They estimate that from one to four giant impacts by bodies 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) across before 4.2 billion years ago likely sterilized the planet, Marchi told Live Science. And there were three to seven smaller impacts by bodies 310 miles (500 km) across, which would have vaporized Earth's ocean into steam.

"If you look at this model, Earth only became habitable after 4.2 billion years ago," Marchi said.

A video showing the accumulation of impact craters as time passed during the Hadean and into the earliest portion of the Archean of Earth history.

Because there is little evidence on Earth to constrain the timing of such impacts, the researchers turned to the moon and to meteorites. They looked at the distribution of craters on the moon, and the age of collisions recorded in meteorites from asteroids such as Vesta. The team also analyzed the presence of iron-loving elements (the so-called highly siderophile elements), which hint at the timing of collisions after the solar system formed.

"We now have a full model for the bombardment of the inner solar system," Marchi said.

The study not only pinned down the timing of the Late Heavy Bombardment, it peered back into Earth's past, looking at how impacts reshaped the planet in the first 500 million years of its history. The researchers suggest Earth's cosmic crash-up was punctuated in time and space, with asteroids and meteors hitting the Earth in bursts, and the Late Heavy Bombardment that pummeled the planet starting about 4.2 billion to 4.1 billion years ago.

"This study makes a substantial contribution towards understanding the conditions on the early Earth," said Oleg Abramov, a research space scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey's Astrogeology Science Center in Flagstaff, Arizona, who was not involved in the study. "Its findings are generally in good agreement with previous estimates of crustal melting, ocean vaporization and sterilization by impact bombardment. This creates confidence that the scientific community is converging on an understanding of how impacts have fundamentally reshaped the early Earth."

Windows in time

Little of Earth's original crust escaped unscathed, the new model suggests. And that might explain another ancient Earth puzzle. Some of the only survivors from this hellish early period, known as the Hadean, are tiny minerals called zircons. The zircons are like time capsules. The crystals are layered, with each layer offering a window into a different geologic time period, all the way back to when the zircons formed 4.4 billion years ago.

The chemistry preserved in the zircons suggests they formed from rocks that were buried relatively deep in Earth's crust, and had contact with water. Marchi and his colleagues take these chemical signals as evidence that the rocks forming the zircons were buried by impacts. Other studies have suggested early plate tectonics or volcanism buried the zircons' parent rocks.

"These results pose an interesting idea," said Aaron Cavosie, a professor at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez, who was not involved in the study. But there's a crucial piece of evidence for impacts missing from the geologic record, Cavosie said. No one has yet found shocked zircons, which are crystals fractured by the force of meteorite impacts on Earth.

"By the end of the Late Heavy Bombardment, the crust would have contained a global distribution of shocked zircons; the new model does not explain the absence of these grains," Cavosie said. "The absence of shocked Hadean grains remains a mystery."

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Pug Stars In Hilarious 20-Second Homage To 'Inception'

What happens when you combine "Inception," "The X-Files" and "The Adventures of Milo and Otis," subtract Milo, then turn the odd combo into a 20-second clip? Well, probably something a lot like this video above from Mahatma McRaspberry.

We recommend following these instructions: Click play. Watch. Laugh. Repeat.

pug inception need to go deeper Source:

9 Lies You Learned In Kindergarten And Probably Still Believe Today

Turns out you might need to repeat kindergarten: Some of the most basic things you learned your first time through aren't actually true.

Being a kid is basically living a lie. Sometimes, it doesn't take long to debunk the myths you're told: Santa Claus didn't bring your presents, the stork didn't bring your bratty baby brother and the Tooth Fairy didn't put money under your pillow. But some things end up sticking around into adulthood and need to be corrected. If you still think your eyes can be damaged by a TV screen or that cavemen actually lived in caves, keep reading, because these are all lies:

1. Being a princess was all about pink frilly dresses, Prince Charmings and living in lavish castles.


You may have enjoyed dressing up and playing princess as a kid, but your experience probably lacked the grittier touches of medieval royal life. While castle dwellings were certainly more luxurious than the typical peasant hovels of the period, historians say they were still frigid, filthy, dark, damp cribs.

Not to mention, life stank: The air was clouded with the decidedly unprincessly fragrances of dead animals, unbathed bodies and royal sewage. And forget cute animal sidekicks -- a ragamuffin staff of dogs paraded the hallways gobbling last night's leftovers. As for happily ever after, if you weren’t married off as a teenager to an elderly foreign king, you couldn’t exactly count on a knight to be chivalrous or to rescue you and ride off into the sunset on horseback. They were known to have dabbled in cannibalism and were often gigantic jerks.

And if you were more of an Elizabeth Swan-type as a kid, everything you know about pirates is probably wrong, too. They didn't even really talk like "pirates." In fact, historians say they also didn't bury treasure, and walking the plank wasn't actually a thing. Your childhood fantasy role-playing was all wrong!

2. Cavemen lived in caves.


A number of confusing comics and cartoons left us unclear exactly what to think about cavemen, but if we take the name literally, we'd at least assume they lived in caves. Not so. Despite preserving the art of early humans and Neanderthals -- the extinct species we now frequently refer to as "cavemen" -- for more than 40,000 years, caves were not necessarily the actual homes of these prehistoric people.

Archaeologists believe cavemen actually lived outside the caves, but that the misnomer has been popularized thanks to the great preservation skills of caves, which led some to think they were typically used as primary shelters. Although evidence of outdoor homes is hard to find because Earth has changed significantly in the last 40 millennia, a dwelling dating back to the Neanderthal period and made of mammoth bones was discovered in Ukraine.

Image: Flickr user RiverRatt3

3. Watching television close to the screen and reading in dim light will damage your eyes.


Despite your parents' constant insistence that you back away from the screen, "sitting 'too' close to the TV isn't known to cause any human health issues," according to Scientific American. The origin of this myth dates back to a batch of 100,000 televisions released by General Electric in the 1960s that emitted radiation 100,000 times what is considered safe by health officials. Those were recalled, but the myth persisted.

Furthermore, reading print in dim light is not a threat to your eye health. But if your eyesight does end up getting worse with age, carrots won't improve it significantly more than any other healthy foods. That was a lie created by the British government during WWII to trick the Nazis.

4. Earth's north pole is in the North Pole, and its south pole is in the South Pole.


Did we just turn your world upside down? Kind of. Due to an electromagnetic technicality, the geographic North Pole is actually the south pole of Earth's magnetic field, and vice versa! Essentially, Earth acts like an enormous magnet, the south pole of which faces its northern hemisphere, and the north of which faces its southern hemisphere. As "Essentials of College Physics" explains:

"A small bar magnet is said to have north and south poles, but it's more accurate to say it has a "north-seeking" pole and a "south-seeking" pole. By these expressions, we mean that if such a magnet is used as a compass, one end will "seek," or point to, the geographic North Pole of Earth and the other end will "seek," or point to, the geographic South Pole of Earth. We conclude that the geographic North Pole of Earth corresponds to a magnetic south pole, and the geographic South Pole of Earth corresponds to a magnetic north pole."

Now we understand why it was easier to just lie about this one.

5. Humans have only five senses.

TK gifs

Mastering the basics of your five senses was pretty much the focus of an entire semester of kindergarten curriculum, if not more, but the five-sense “sight, sound, smell, taste touch” model we've all learned actually dates back to Aristotle, circa 300 B.C. Needless to say, conventional scientific wisdom has changed a bit since then. Though researchers still debate the exact number of senses, most agree that humans have at least 10 or 11 senses, while some researchers believe that humans have 21 senses or more.

The Harvard School of Medicine would add the following six senses to your list: "equilibrioception," or the sense of balance, "nociception," or the sense of pain, "proprioception," or the awareness of where your body parts are, "thermoception," or the sense of heat and cold, "temporal perception," or the perception of time, and "interoception," or the awareness of the physiological conditions of the inner body. Other debated senses include hunger, thirst and joint position.

6. Birds and bees are consummate examples of sexual intercourse.


Learning about the "birds and the bees" was often used as a confusing code for parents to talk to their kids about human sex, so it may come as a huge surprise that 97 percent of avian species basically have no penis. Through the evolutionary process, something called "programmed cell death" has led to many bird penises to shrink away before they develop. Also, honeybees commit something called sexual suicide. Male "drones" live their whole lives to impregnate the queen bee and then, if they don't immediately kill themselves and try to return to the hive, the female bees will push them out to die.

And if you're curious about where this bizarre trope comes from, the origins are a bit murky, but may date back to a couple of 19th century poems. After a few more references here and there, Cole Porter's song, "Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love," probably served as a catalyst for the term, with the introduction of these iconic lyrics: "And that's why birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it, let's do it, let's fall in love."

7. There are only seven colors in the rainbow.


That early science lesson left some things out. Because rainbows are never seen on a perfect black background, the colors are always muddied and desaturated in some way and, therefore, never truly display the pure hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Essentially, there are more colors in a rainbow than "stars in the Universe or atoms in your body," but unfortunately, most humans can only perceive about a million colors when looking at a rainbow. Why are you being cheated out of the rainbow's true beauty?

Most human eyes have three cones that perceive color, one each for red, blue and green. This is called trichromatic vision. The sensitivity of these cones often varies from person to person, and, therefore, colors are perceived differently. That said, some people even have another cone (called tetrachromats) and, therefore, may see colors that other people aren't aware of. Women are more likely to have this extra cone, but it is unknown how many actually can see these additional colors, because having an extra cone doesn't necessarily lead to enhanced visual capabilities.

8. Bats are totally blind.


This idiom dates back to the 17th century and has been passed down from generation to generation ever since, despite being patently untrue. Merlin Tuttle, founder and president of Bat Conservation International (BCI), restored dignity to bat-kind in an interview with National Geographic, saying that "They see extremely well." (They are, however, color blind.) Unfortunately, the bat gets a bad rap in popular culture, probably thanks to jerk vampires like Dracula. But the bat has a lot to offer humankind: It uses a razor-sharp echolocation to track its insect prey, making it the world's most badass pest exterminator.

9. Gum takes years to digest.


You were probably warned at some point that a swallowed piece of chewing gum would take a seven-year residency in your tummy. Not true. As Duke University gastroenterologist Rodger Liddle told Scientific American, "nothing would reside [in the stomach] that long, unless it was so large it couldn't get out of the stomach or it was trapped in the intestine." According to another Duke gastroenterologist, Nancy McGreal, MD, gum moves through your digestive tract just like any other food or drink, and only takes 30-120 minutes to digest.

But before you go rejoice and swallow a whole pack of Juicy Fruit -- a word of caution: Gum retains its sticky quality as it moves through your digestive track. This can cause other foods to clump together, and is generally bad news.

BONE-US: The funny bone is NOT a bone.

funny bone arm

Your funny bone is actually an ulnar nerve. The strange pain is caused when this nerve bumps into your humerus. Joke's on you!

Alright, you're good now. No need to repeat kindergarten.

TK TK gifs

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This Workout Will Make You Feel Like A Shelter Dog, For The Best Possible Reason

There's a workout that will show you what it's like to be a shelter dog. Has there ever been a less appealing come-on? Well, that's kind of the point.

Roo Yori -- you know him as dad to Wallace the pit bull, whose inspiring trajectory from homeless animal to champion athlete was chronicled in a bestselling book -- combined his twin interests in fitness and animal welfare in putting together the Workout of the Day for Dogs, an exercise routine designed to mimic the small, nervous movements a kenneled canine can make.

"By putting ourselves in their paws for a short period of time, I hope it gives a different perspective to people," says Yori. "This workout is tough, but at the end of the 17 minutes, you're done. Dogs can't be done with the shelter unless they get adopted."

The program doubles as a fundraiser. Gyms across the country will be holding Workout of the Day for Dogs events on August 23 -- the one-year anniversary of Wallace's death -- to raise money for the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation as well as local animal welfare groups.

"What's more controversial these days than CrossFit and pit bulls?" says Yori. "Other people have organized CrossFit workouts as fundraisers for different organizations such as St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Wounded Warrior Project in the past. One of my passions is helping homeless dogs, so I thought why not do a similar thing to help dogs across the country."

Those who aren't near one of the participating gyms can do the workout on their own. It consists of five movements: thrusters, kettle bell swings, jumping air squats, something called "bar over burpees," which looks rather torturous on YouTube, and five meter shuttle runs.

Complete each movement "as many times as you can in one minute with no rest in between each exercise," says Yori. Rest for one minute, then go through the whole routine twice more.

At the end of all that, Yori is hoping that exercisers will have more muscles and more empathy -- which will translate into more shelter pets finding great homes.

"There are some amazing dogs just like Wallace that are waiting to be adopted," he says. "These dogs aren't 'damaged goods' or 'there for a reason.' They're good dogs who are simply in a bad spot waiting for somebody to give them a better chance."

Need proof that a better chance can be utterly amazing? Here's Wallace being spoiled rotten on his 11th birthday, just five months before cancer took his life:

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Half-Human, Half-Dog Plays Waltz On Keyboard, Licks Keys

It's rare to see a human-dog hybrid quite as talented as the one playing a waltz in the video above -- in fact, we'll go ahead and say that it's pretty rare to see a human-dog hybrid at all.

The cross-species combo is made up of composer Dani Rosenoer, keyboardist for the band Three Day's Grace, and a brilliant artiste known only as Bella The Dog.

Some classically-trained pianists might frown at Bella's mid-waltz snack break, but we think it's all part of the show.

Brava, Bella. Brava.


Of Course This Is What David Lynch's Nail Polish Ad Looks Like

We wouldn't exactly expect surrealist visionary David Lynch to bring his aesthetic tastes to a nail polish commercial, but if he did, we'd expect it to be all kinds of weird.

Well, he did. And it is.

Lynch's ad, for Christian Louboutin's blood red nail polish, takes viewers on a CGI trip through a wonderland of crisp, white castles, red bottom heels and disembodied hands. In this mythical Lynchian universe, the iconic Louboutin red is stripped from high heels and transferred into a bottle. (The idea for the red bottom shoes actually came from ladies' polish.)

The lush visuals feel more like a glammed up hallucination or bizarre video game than your classic designer ad, which makes sense coming from the "Mulholland Drive" director. If all commercials looked like this we'd spend a lot less time avoiding them at all costs. Well done, Lynch, well done.

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Colorado Nurse Sues After Being A 'Hostage' In Armed Gunman Drill

By Keith Coffman

DENVER, July 30 (Reuters) - A Colorado woman is suing the nursing home where she worked and local police for allegedly not telling her that a gunman who held her hostage was a police officer conducting a safety drill, court documents show.

Michelle Meeker claims in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Denver that she was terrorized when an armed man confronted her last October at the Heritage Park Care Center in Carbondale, Colorado.

Meeker, a registered nurse, was tending to one of her long-term patients when another employee told her to see what a "suspicious" man sitting in the center's day room wanted, according to the complaint.

The man then showed her a handgun he had in his waistband and ordered her into an unoccupied room.

Although the man told her in hushed tones that he was a police officer, the lawsuit says, Meeker was not informed beforehand of the drill and was unsure whether he was telling the truth.

"In a desperate plea for her life, she begged the man not to hurt her, telling him she had a young child," the complaint says.

The officer, the Carbondale police chief, and executives of the center are named as defendants.

Robert Baker, the executive director of the center and one of the named defendants, said in a statement that the facility routinely conducts safety, fire, and natural disaster drills for its residents.

"Unfortunately, the training exercise alarmed some at our facility," Baker said.

The attorney representing the police department, Thomas Rice, said Heritage approached them to help with the drill, and police told the facility to inform workers of the upcoming scenario.

"I don't know whether Heritage notified Ms. Meeker, but it wasn't the town's responsibility," he said.

Rice said the displayed gun was not real, and that the officer offered to show Meeker his identification.

Meeker, who resigned shortly after the incident, is seeking unspecified monetary damages for economic loss, mental and emotional distress, and medical bills. (Reporting by Keith Coffman; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Eric Walsh)

Vin Diesel Cover Of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' Is Almost On Point

Vin Diesel is really into music, that we know. But while promoting his new movie "Guardians of the Galaxy," the baritone actor took on quite the challenge: Capital FM asked him to sing Sam Smith's sweet summer jam, "Stay with Me," and boy, did he try:

As for Smith? He's pretty happy:

Here's the original, if you care to compare:

[h/t MTV] Source:

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Worst -- Or Possibly Best? -- Pickup Technique Of All Time

We're guessing you haven't exactly reached Ryan Gosling levels when it comes to charming the opposite sex.

But that's OK, because on Wednesday, Redditor SteepLikeAMountain shared this pro tip. The post quickly shot to the front page of Reddit and it's not hard to see why -- it's either the best pickup line we've ever heard or the absolute worst:

1. Acquire several dozen limes.

2. Go up to them and then drop all the limes.

3. Start picking them up, but keep dropping them. The clumsier you look the better.

4. Keep doing this until you have their attention (this could take up to thirty minutes).

5. Finally gather up the limes. Try looking a bit sheepish.

6. Look them deeply in the eyes and say, "Sorry, I'm bad at Pickup Limes."

Oh, we give in -- it's the BEST.

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These Couples Got Candid About Infidelity. What They Said Was Fascinating.

Here's a question you'd probably prefer your partner not bring up over dinner tonight: "What would you do if I cheated on you?" (Our first response would probably be "Uh, why are you asking?")

But in the video above, real couples of all ages go there, quizzing each other on how they'd respond if the other strayed.

As you might imagine, the big question results in a lot of awkward pauses -- and a few playful death threats. One of our favorite parts? The confused look on one woman's face when her S.O tells her he'd simply say, "don't do that shit again."

The video is part of "The And," an interactive documentary in which 30 couples tackle tough questions on everything from how they spend money to who has more power in the relationship.

Watch the video above to see how each couples responds to the cheating question, then head to the doc's official site to play along with your partner if you're ready to have some honest conversations of your own.

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This Ice Cream Changes Color As You Lick It

For most people, ice cream is all about flavor. But for Spanish physicist Manuel Linares, it's the color that counts.

Linares has created an ice cream that changes color as it's eaten. The fruity confection, called Xamaleón -- as in, chameleon -- starts out as a periwinkle blue and gradually morphs into hues of purple and pink.

(Story continues below.)

So far, Linares has been tight-lipped about the specific ingredients responsible for the color change, but he has opened up a bit about how the reaction works.

Apparently, it's all about temperature -- heat from saliva and slight changes in the surrounding air.

Though the change may seem unusual, you've probably observed something similar with other edibles -- without realizing it.

"Any food will change color if it changes temperature, you encapsulate it or it oxidizes," Linares told Spanish-language gastronomy website Cocinatis.

In a video posted on Linares' IceXperience Facebook page, a sample cone can be seen changing from purple to pink -- similar to the way chameleons change colors to adapt to their surroundings.

Xamaleón is similar to an experimental glow-in-the-dark ice cream created by the British company "Lick Me Delicious," from which Linares has said he drew his inspiration. The key to the glowing ice cream is luminescent proteins found in jellyfish.

While the glow-in-the-dark treat is priced at a whopping $225 a scoop, Xamaleón's cost is comparable to that of artisanal ice cream. What a delicious surprise! Source: