Saturday, 5 January 2019

Watch A Guy Try To Steal A Bicycle From A Police Station

This would-be bicycle thief appears to be a few spokes short of a wheel.

Adam Valle is accused of trying to steal a locked two-wheeler right in front of a sign for the police department in Gladstone, Oregon, while cops inside watched on a surveillance camera.

The Associated Press’s edited video, below, shows the hoodie-wearing suspect approach the bike with bolt cutters, which he uses to clip off the lock before he’s caught in the act by an officer with a stun gun, according to the Gladstone PD’s Facebook page.

“Suspect arrested for attempting to steal a bike…From the PD!!!!” the police Facebook caption says.

Cops removed Valle’s hood and facemask and took him to jail within minutes of the Dec. 27 incident, KOIN of Portland reported.

Valle, 26, was charged with theft, criminal mischief and felon in possession of weapons, ABC News reported. He was released the next day after a court date was scheduled.

“It’s dumb, you know,” Sgt. Carl Bell of the Gladstone Police Department told ABC. “I have not actually seen something that blatant because the officers were inside watching on video camera.”

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