Saturday, 12 January 2019

Man Brings Raccoon Carcass Into McDonald's, Causes Its Brief Closure

A San Francisco man shocked employees and customers at a local McDonald’s Sunday morning when he brought a dead and bloodied raccoon into the fast-food outlet and laid it on a table.

As a result, the restaurant closed for two hours so the dining room could be sanitized.

The unappetizing encounter was captured by Chris Brooks, who posted video on Facebook. (WARNING: Brooks reflected on the incident with a profanity-laden tirade.)

Brooks told that the so-far unidentified man came into the McDonald’s screaming for help as he carried the dead animal.

“He came to the counter, and I thought it was a dog at first. The employees told him to leave and he went and sat down with it,” Brooks said. ”There was blood on the table and blood on the floor and, with people walking around, you could see them tracking the blood around.”

The man, who is believed to be homeless, was kicked out of the store while another customer threw the raccoon in the garbage, according to NBC Bay Area.

San Francisco police officers gave the man a mental health evaluation and determined he did not need to be detained, according to local station KGO TV.

San Francisco Department of Public Health spokeswoman Rachel Kagan told that a physician who works with homeless people watched the video but “cannot infer anything about the man’s condition.”

Kagan also said the restaurant responded properly and that a health inspector visited the site before it reopened.

“The health concerns would be about the blood and the potential to spread bacteria or a virus,” she said. “If the cleaning was done right, that would take care of that concern.” 

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