Monday, 10 December 2018

Egypt Authorities Investigate X-Rated Photos On Top Of Great Pyramid

Egyptian authorities are investigating after explicit images and video apparently showing two people naked on top of The Great Pyramid of Giza appeared online.

The country’s minister of antiquities, Khaled el Anany, has referred the case to a prosecutor for investigation, state news agency Ahram Online reported.

The images and footage were posted in the name of Danish photographer Andreas Hvid and appear to depict a naked man and woman striking intimate poses a top of the 4,500-year-old wonder of the world.

Some of the videos and pictures have since been taken down, Sky News reported, but at least one image remains on Hvid’s website.

That image shows two unidentified people laying naked on stones towards the peak of the 455ft monument. 

Climbing the ancient pyramids beyond carefully assessed paths is forbidden, and majority-Muslim Egypt considers the site at Giza to be a treasured asset.

The whole area is out of bounds after 5pm and is patrolled by security and local police.

Giza archaeological director, Ashraf Mohi, previously said he believed the video was fake because of unexplained lighting.

Hvid, whose website carries other images of nude models posing on monuments, skyscrapers and bridges, has yet to respond to HuffPost UK’s request for comment.

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