Thursday, 22 November 2018

Twitter Users Can't Get Enough Of Al Roker's 'Poon'

A lot of Twitter users are dishing about Al Roker’s favorite holiday dish: poon.

On Wednesday’s “Today” show, Roker demonstrated how to make a concoction called “sweet potato poon,” a dish he described as sort of a sweet potato pie without the crust.

What Roker didn’t mention is the alternative meaning of the word “poon”: a slang word for a woman’s vagina, according to Urban Dictionary and the 1977 Ted Nugent ditty “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.”

However, as notes, that didn’t stop Roker from discussing the importance of “warm” poon and how a little pineapple can make poon extra sweet.

At one point during the segment, Roker was asked the origin of the name and he said simply, “Because that’s what my mother told us it was.”

Lest you think Roker’s mom has a dirty mind, it looks as if the naughty-sounding name is an alternate spelling of “pone,” which is short for “cornpone,” according to even used the sexy spelling for its own version of the recipe.

Still, Roker’s recipe aroused a lot of interest from Twitter users unfamiliar with the dish. 

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