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This 'Dad Bods And Dogs' Calendar Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

Rescue dogs, rejoice! 

A new calendar for 2019 titled “Dad Bods and Dogs Calendar” by photographer Ricki Beason is just the uplifting help our furry friends need. The calendar features guys with so-called “dad bods” posed alongside pooches from three different animal rescue organizations in the the Dallas, Texas area: The Love Pit, Rescue Row and Astasia’s Angels Animal Rescue.

Sales from the calendar go to benefit the rescue groups, which worked with Beason to provide the cute pups for her photoshoots. Some of the dogs in the calendar have already been adopted.

Beason told HuffPost that she wanted to do something different from the typical calendars used to raise awareness of adoptable dogs.

“I noticed last year that there were A LOT of these ‘sexy men’ calendars and I knew I needed to make a change,” she said in an email.

She added, “I wanted to feature attractive men that look like your everyday ‘good guy,’ in your everyday ‘dog dad’ scenarios (i.e., 4th of July cookout, pool lounging, at the store) with their sidekick ... right by their side for all of their shenanigans. I want this calendar to make people laugh and smile.”

Check out some of the amazingly adorable images below.

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New Jersey Superintendent Accused Of Pooping On High School Track Resigns

A superintendent in Holmdel, New Jersey, accused of publicly defecating on a local high school’s track and football field, has resigned from his job.

Thomas Tramaglini, 42, resigned as superintendent for the Kenilworth School District on Thursday night, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reports.

An email to staffers said Tramaglini was resigning due to “events unrelated to his service for Kenilworth.”

The email continued: “[It] has become clear to both Dr. Tramaglini and the Kenilworth Board of Education that his continued service as Superintendent of Schools has become too much of a distraction to the main mission of the district.”

Tramaglini was arrested in May and accused of defecating on the Holmdel High School track and football field on a daily basis.

The allegations received national attention, and especially punny journalists dubbed Tramaglini the “Pooperintendent.”

Tramaglini’s attorney, Matthew Adams, says the accusations are “falsehoods” and that his “client looks forward to his day in court,” according to the Star-Ledger.

Tramaglini was making $150,000 a year as superintendent. Now that he’s unemployed, he plans to focus on defending himself in court.

To that end, he notified Holmdel police on Friday that he plans to file a lawsuit over the mug shot authorities took after his arrest, according to the Star-Ledger. He claims the charges against him ― public defecation, lewdness and littering ― are all low-level municipal offenses and didn’t require a booking photo.

“It’s like getting photographed and fingerprinted for a speeding ticket,” his attorney Matthew Adams told the paper.

Court documents said police officers “unlawfully took Dr. Tramaglini’s photograph and distributed and disseminated the ‘mug shot’ to third parties, including the media with the intent to harm Dr. Tramaglini.”

Tramaglini’s alleged activities came to light earlier this year after Holmdel High School staff and athletic coaches told a school resource officer that they were finding human feces at or near the track and football field on a daily basis.

School staffers monitored the field until they identified Tramaglini as a suspect, but Holmdel police Sgt. Theodore Sigismondi declined to tell CBS News how he was identified as the suspect or whether officers caught him in the act.

Tramaglini’s resignation will take effect on Sept. 30, 2018. In the meantime, the school board is looking for an interim superintendent, according to the New York Post.

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Duck Gets Babies In A Row – And What An Incredible Row It Is!

A mama duck took some babies for a swim on Lake Bemidji in Minnesota, an amateur wildlife photographer took some photos and now the internet ― and the rest of the media world ― just can’t get enough of the waterfowl.

The number of ducklings has something to do with that: 76.

And the photographer, Brent Cizek, who captured the image of the adult common merganser taking dozens of ducklings for a swim also has something to do with it.

Cizek told The New York Times that he first spotted the ducks in late June. “It was mind blowing,” he said. “I didn’t know that a duck could care for that many chicks.”

Actually, it’s not so uncommon, the National Audubon Society says on its website. Ducks often lay eggs in other nests in addition to their own, said Kenn Kaufman, field editor of Audubon magazine. And if ducklings get separated from their mothers, they will instinctively follow another hen. 

David Rave, a wildlife manager for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, told The New York Times that the common merganser is one of a number of birds that employ a sort of day care system known as a crèche. Essentially, hens leave their ducklings in the care of an older female duck that has experience raising babies. 

The mother duck will probably care for this crèche for a couple more weeks, the Audubon Society said. In the meantime, Cizek continues posting photos of this extended feathered family.

And he teased on Twitter that there might be a sighting of the mama duck on “The Tonight Show” on Friday night. 

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Colombian Cartel Puts $70,000 Price On The Head Of Drug-Sniffing Dog

A drug-sniffing dog that helped law-enforcement authorities in Colombia find more than 10 tons of cocaine is being reassigned because of a crime organization’s death threats. 

The sniffer dog Sombra, which means Shadow in English, has a $70,000 price on her head, BBC News reported. The gang that reportedly issued the death contract is known as the Urabeños.

Sombra, a 6-year-old German shepherd, had been working in ports on the Atlantic coast, where drugs are shipped by speedboat or submarine, according to the BBC. She recently discovered about 5.8 tons of cocaine in the town Turbo and an additional 4.4 tons in car parts that were set to be exported.

The dog was transferred to an airport in the Colombian capital of Bogotá after authorities learned of the threat. Tighter airport security will make it easier for Sombra’s handlers to protect her, Newsweek reported.

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'The NSFW Tag Probably Attracts More People That It Deters'

The shower isn’t just a place to sing. Separated from our cellphones, standing under running water often allows people’s minds to run free.

Reddit has an entire “Shower Thoughts” subreddit dedicated to “the miniature epiphanies you have that highlight the oddities within the familiar.” In honor of those weird, wonderful and sometimes profound musings, here are some of the best posts from the last week:

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Cairo Zoo Denies Its Zebras Are Really Donkeys With Painted Stripes

A zoo in Cairo is allegedly showing its true stripes by passing off painted donkeys as zebras.

Mahmoud Sarhan recently visited the International Garden, a municipal park in Cairo, and immediately became suspicious of the animals in the zebra exhibit.

For starters, their ears were bigger and their snouts were lighter than those of the typical zebra.

Sarhan’s pics of the suspicious zebras went viral after he posted them on Facebook. As you can see, he is quite skeptical:

Although the zoo’s director, Mohamed Sultan, insisted his zebras were 100 percent legit to local radio station Nogoum FM, a local vet told the Cairo-based ExtraNews.TV that a zebra’s snout should be black and the stripes should be more consistent and parallel, according to the BBC.

CBS News also notes that zebras and donkeys, despite both bearing a resemblance to horses, are different species.

Other zoos have also been accused of trying to gray the area between zebras and donkeys.

In 2010, a zoo in Gaza painted stripes on two donkeys it purchased for $700 because they were much cheaper than the $30,000 zebras.

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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Bulgarian Man Bags World Record For Swimming In A Sack

OHRID, Macedonia (Reuters) - Swimming instructor, lifeguard and adventurer Yane Petkov - Bulgaria’s answer to Houdini and Michael Phelps combined - reclaimed on Tuesday the Guinness world record for swimming along with his hands and feet tied while fully wrapped inside a sack.

Petkov, 64, swam 3,380 meters in Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid, beating the record of Indian fisherman Gopal Kharvi, who in 2013 swam 3,071 meters in the Indian Ocean - though not in a sack.

The Bulgarian swimmer already had one entry in the Guinness Book of Records in 2013 with 2,030 meters, but he only held it for three months until he was overtaken by Kharvi.

Before his latest attempt, Petkov said he had planned to swim 3.5 kilometers, and Guinness observers were present for his swim, organized by the Red Cross and the waters sports clubs of Ohrid and Petric.

Petkov took around three hours to worm his way along through the water, face-up and feet first, before he emerged on the shore in the ancient town of Ohrid, a popular holiday resort.

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Nude Man Exercising At Planet Fitness 'Thought It Was A Judgment-Free Zone’

Downward-facing no.

A man at a Planet Fitness in New Hampshire took off all his clothes and began doing yoga in the buff, police said.

Eric Stagno, 34, was charged with indecent exposure, lewdness and disorderly conduct at a Plaistow location of the popular gym chain on Sunday afternoon, the New Hampshire Union Leader reports. He was released on bail for an arraignment on the misdemeanor charges scheduled for Sept. 21. 

“The story we got from witnesses was that the guy walked in, stripped down right there in front, left the clothes and belongings at the front desk, walked back and forth across the gym a couple of times and then settled in over at the yoga mats,” police Capt. Brett Morgan told the paper.

When officers arrived, they said they found Stagno in his birthday suit in a “yoga-type position.”

“The only comment he made was that he thought it was a judgment-free zone, apparently referencing their slogan,” Morgan said.

Morgan told the Boston Globe that although the gym was pretty packed with patrons, Stagno kept to himself and seemed unaware that he was upsetting others. He was arrested without incident.

“Some of the comments some witnesses gave were that they felt uncomfortable, disgusted, sick and unsafe,” Morgan told the Globe. “There were more witnesses coming forward than we could take names.”

Some gym customers said they suspected Stagno was under the influence of something. 

“To me, it’s like, ‘What did you smoke before you came to the gym?’ No, I don’t think you should be at the gym naked,” gym member Kat Lancaster told New Hampshire news channel WMUR.

Morgan told the Globe the Stagno “did have some drug paraphernalia in his possession,” but it was unclear if he was under the influence. 

According to the Planet Fitness website, the chain promises a “Judgment Free Zone,” where members “feel comfortable regardless of their fitness level.”

“It’s not a clothing-free zone,” Morgan noted to the Globe.

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At World Snail Racing Championship, A Good Slime Is Had By All

CONGHAM, England (Reuters) - The race starter stood up and shouted: “Ready, steady, slow!” The crowd cheered, but the competitors remained stuck at the start line. Welcome to the world snail racing championship.

More than 150 snails took part in the annual event, held at a summer fete in Norfolk, eastern England on Saturday where a silver tankard stuffed with lettuce leaves was the prize.

The snails are placed on a special damp cloth marked with three concentric circles and the creatures race 13 inches (33 cm) to the outer ring.

“We take this seriously,” snail racer John McClean told Reuters.

“We have got training slopes. We look at diet, we are drug compliant as well. It is the whole thing when you look at elite sports.”

The competition has been held since the 1960s with each race lasting several minutes. Competitors are able to select a snail from the organizers’ stash or bring their own.

Jo Waterfield from the nearby village of Grimston found the eventual winner among her plants.

“I pulled him out this morning and told him if he didn’t win I would squash him,” Waterfield told Reuters.

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Riders Say Uber Drivers Are Using Vomit To Scam Them

Some Uber riders in Florida are accusing their drivers of engaging in some truly stomach-churning fraud.

According to the el Nuevo Herald, several customers claim unscrupulous drivers have falsely accused them of puking inside the Uber vehicles, making the riders responsible for bogus clean-up charges.

Miami resident William Kennedy told the publication he was victimized twice in one night.

“It was a total fraud by two different drivers,” Kennedy said. “They have everything planned for the fraud,” Kennedy said.

The scam, which has been dubbed “vomit fraud,” has been around for a few years. Reports of it have surfaced in different parts of the country, including New York and California.

The shysters will reportedly pick a customer up, deliver them to their intended destination and then report to Uber the individual vomited in the vehicle. The drivers allegedly provide the company with fake pictures of the mess, whereupon the company hits the passenger with a large clean-up bill.

One Uber driver, who asked the el Nuevo Herald to remain anonymous, said she’s aware of the scam and knows drivers in South Florida who have done it.

“They’ve been doing it for a long time,” she said. “Many people don’t review their emails or credit card statements, so the drivers wind up pocketing the $80 or $150.”

Some victims have reportedly had a difficult time getting Uber to refund the fraudulent charges. Others said they’ve complained and have yet to receive a refund.

Uber told the el Nuevo Herald it is “actively looking into reports where fraud may be detected and will take appropriate actions.”

The company added, “the vast majority of cleaning fee reports are legitimately the result of someone making a mess in the car.”

Miami police told The Miami Herald the fraud “is difficult to consider as a crime.” Complaints, according to the department, are between the passengers, the company and its drivers.

Send David Lohr an email or follow him on Facebook and Twitter. 

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150 Santas Gather In Denmark For Annual Congress

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Braving Europe’s heatwave, more than 150 Santas from around the world donned their heavy suits and full beards at their annual conference in Denmark.

As the 61st World Santa Claus Congress kicked off in Copenhagen, many of the delegates - from countries as far away as Japan and the United States - took a paddle in the sea, to the amusement of local bathers.

The three-day event will see the Santas visit the Little Mermaid statue during a parade and go head to head in the Santa Obstacle Course World Championships.

“Normally us Santas work alone,” said Santa Ian Tom, 67, from Scotland, who is attending his sixth congress this year.

“This is like a big family. But a family you get on with.”

For Santa Douglas, 60, from Washington D.C., attending his twelfth convention, it’s the international feel of the event that keeps luring him back.

“It’s interesting how when meeting others their culture starts to rub off on you and yours on them. For example, a lot of the Santa suits now are not the traditional gray Danish one. They’ve gone more American, which in a way is a shame.”

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Of Course Donald Trump's All-Caps Iran Tweet Has Become A Mocking Meme

Some Twitter users opted to see the funny side after President Donald Trump used an all-caps tweet to threaten Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Monday.

You know, rather than contemplate a potentially catastrophic conflict between the two countries.

Soon after Trump shared the above message online (in apparent response to Rouhani saying hostile U.S. policies to Iran may lead to “the mother of all wars”), other tweeters mockingly responded with their own all-caps posts.

There’s nothing like a Rickroll to take people’s minds off possible nuclear armageddon.

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These Winning Images From Dog Photographer Of The Year Are Comfort For The Soul

As we slog our way through the dog days of summer, the Dog Photographer of the Year awards have arrived to lift our spirits. Photographers from all over the world sent in their best images of our furry friends and the results are spectacular.

The Kennel Club in the United Kingdom has been putting on this competition since 2005. This year, it received more than 10,000 submissions from 70 countries. Yup, that’s a lot of pictures of pooches. Here are the cream of the crop.

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Python Slithers Away From Home, Winds Up In Man's Toilet Miles Away

And you thought someone leaving the seat up was bad.

Virginia Beach resident James Hooper initially thought someone was pranking him when he noticed a snake’s head sticking out of his toilet, local outlet News 3 reports.

But the scaly interloper was all too real.

“The snake was moving around, its tongue doing a slithering thing,” Hooper told The Washington Post.

Hooper’s roommate, Kenny Spruill, manage to configure a fishing pole with a noose and drop the snake, unharmed, into a bucket. They didn’t want to touch the snake because they didn’t know if the creature was venomous or not. He estimated the reptile was about 3.5 feet long, according to The Pilot Online.

The two men called animal control officials, who also initially thought the whole thing was a prank.

As it turns out, the snake was a female ball python, a nonvenomous snake species. Her coloring indicated she was of a variety bred to be a pet, Virginia Beach Animal Control supervisor Rebecca Franklin told News 3.

“It’s what’s called a ‘pastel pied,’ so it has white on its body as well. It’s a lighter color,” she said. “Nothing that’s a wild snake here looks anything like what this snake looks like.”

Luckily, animal control was able to reunite the snake with her owners, who said she had been missing for two weeks. They said they saw Hooper’s viral Facebook post about the incident and recognized their lost pet.

It’s not clear exactly how the escaped snake wound up in the toilet, which was miles from her home. Hooper has theorized that she came through the sewer, while Franklin believes it’s more likely that the snake came into the house and crawled up into the toilet for a rest.

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Even Ninja Turtles Have To Deal With New York Gentrification

Rising New York real estate prices don’t just affect the average person, they also impact the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The classic cartoon heroes latest series, “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” debuts Sept. 17 on Nickelodeon. 

To promote the series, Nickelodeon invited journalists attending Comic-Con in San Diego to interview turtles Donatello (“Donny”) and Michaelangelo (“Mikey”) via virtual reality.

The turtles got real about the hidden costs of being a hero in New York exclusively to HuffPost journalist David Moye (watch the clip above.)

“Let me tell you, the rent is sky high,” said Michaelangelo, (who was actually voiced by voice actor Brandon Mychal Smith in another room). “It costs me $4000 turtle dollars to stay in the lair.

But, you know what? It’s a tax write-off.”

Donatello adds that he and the other turtles also deduct things like pizza, pepperoni and bandanas. He also offered this other tip for aspiring superhero terrapins:

“You can honestly put anything under training and research,” he suggested to HuffPost.

Although financial matters are rarely discussed on the show, Donatello said their certified personal accountant is actually their mentor, Splinter the rat.

“He’s a sensei CPA.”

Michaelangelo and Donatello may be a team, but their love of New York neighborhoods differs drastically. Donatello prefers the artsy West Village while Michaelangelo likes the upper West Side. This last remark prompted Donatello to give him the stinkeye.

“I just like running by the river, all right?” Michaelangelo snapped. “It’s nothing pretentious. You know what I mean?”

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Oh Dear, There's A Petition To Drink The Liquid From That Black Sarcophagus

Did you hear about that sealed sarcophagus they opened in Egypt only to find three skeletons stewing a putrid, rust-colored soup? Did you perhaps wonder what it would be like to taste that very same soup? To put a cup of this long-marinated bone broth to your lips, inhale its succulent essence and draw a long sip?

You are not alone!

A user going by the name Innes Mck created a petition in the name of this total sacrilege and, as of Saturday afternoon, it’s gathered more than 8,000 signatures from petitioners who wish to sample “the forbidden nectar” or “yeah whatever.”

“We need to drink the red liquid from the cursed dark sarcophagus in the form of some sort of carbonated energy drink so we can assume its powers and finally die,” the petition reads. 

No questions here!

To be clear: The liquid is actually sewage water that leaked in over the centuries, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities said this week, which is why the mummies were found decomposed instead of preserved. 

(Innes Mck has indeed heard this line and would like people to “please stop trying to tell me the skeleton juice is mostly sewage thats impossible everyone knows skeletons cannot poop.”)

Despite the large size of the sarcophagus, the bodies inside are not believed to be royalty, as hoped.

And regardless of where their accompanying liquid came from (sewers), an Egyptian news outlet posted a video to YouTube appearing to show a man dumping containers of the repulsive slurry right smack onto the street. So unfortunately, it looks like our chance to obtain immortality and/or a mummy’s curse and/or swift death by ancient disease is now behind us. 

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Accident-Prone Koala Rescued For Third Time After Getting Stuck In Fence

We’ve all had bad days here and there, but this poor koala seems to have had more than a few.

A South Australia koala had to be saved by Fauna Rescue of South Australia volunteers for the third time when he was found stuck in a fence at the SA Power Networks’ Happy Valley substation.

The “large male adult” koala (yes, that’s actually what he’s been referred to as ― not to be confused with “large adult sons”) was rescued from the fence on Tuesday shortly after 8:30 a.m.

Fauna Rescue volunteer Sally Selwood told Adelaide Now that it looked “like he’s crawled under the fence to go somewhere, as they do, and then sat up as he was under the fence and got his head caught.”

“But he didn’t have the brains to bob back down again to get out.”

OK, Sally. Or maybe he just wanted to see his volunteer friends again —specially when you consider that Selwood also told the publication that the koala was “quite calm” and that he’s “known” to them.

Many on social media have empathized with the koala’s plight: 

Previously, the koala ran into trouble when he was found at the bottom of a tree in January 2016. He was “not very responsive” and subsequently spent a week with Fauna Rescue until he was well enough to be released back into the wild.

In an unlucky twist of fate, Fauna Rescue had to care for him again in November 2016 after he was hit by a car. He spent some more time in their care and was purportedly totally OK until his most recent fence incident.

While most koalas don’t resemble cats with their seemingly nine lives, this eucalyptus-loving friend does. Here’s hoping he has many more accident-free adventures in the future!

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This Deadpool Toilet Seat Cover Is Something We Should All Get Behind

A crappy promotion is leaving San Diego Comic-Con attendees flush with excitement: Toilet seat covers featuring the face of Deadpool.

Above the Marvel hero’s foul-mouthed face are the words “This is all Fox could afford,” alluding to the film studio that made the Deadpool series.

The toilet seat covers are promoting the coming DVD release of “Deadpool 2” and started showing up in restrooms at the San Diego Convention Center on Thursday. Those that aren’t being flushed down are being grabbed up by souvenir collectors.  

It may be a smart business move: Some enterprising eBayers are reportedly selling the flimsy seat covers for nearly $40 a pop, presumedly unused.

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‘Your Shadow Without Context Would Be Really Scary’

The shower isn’t just a place to sing. Separated from our cellphones, standing under running water often allows people’s minds to run free.

Reddit has an entire “Shower Thoughts” subreddit dedicated to “the miniature epiphanies you have that highlight the oddities within the familiar.” In honor of those weird, wonderful and sometimes profound musings, here are 25 of the best posts from the last week:

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Catfish Getting Kicked Out Of Pond For Eating Ducklings

BERLIN (AP) — A German city is looking for a way to get rid of a giant catfish that is believed to have developed a taste for ducklings after eating all of its fellow fish in the municipal pond. The roughly 1.5-meter (4.9-foot) fish has been making waves in Offenbach, near Frankfurt. News agency dpa reported that the city government said Monday that it has found a professional angler to catch the fish, first seen about a year ago, but a formal contract has yet to be signed. The city plans to have its unwelcome guest caught alive and taken to a private pond somewhere, but officials will first have to be satisfied that it can’t escape into flowing water and that its new home is suitable for a catfish.


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'Dogs In Food' Is The Instagram Account You Didn't Know You Needed

When you think of dogs and food you think of all the wonderfully hilarious disasters that involve our furry four-legged friend. We want to present to you a fabulous Instagram account called “Dogs In Food” and no, they aren’t playing in the food, they actually are the food!

Oh! the shock!! I know what you’re thinking. They aren’t being eaten. Keep reading!

Max, who runs the account and photoshops the images, told HuffPost, “I receive DM’s from dogs who want to be food-ed and I try to read through as many as possible to find pups that look like grub.”

Max then tries to match the dogs’ spirit food and culinary preferences in a glorious dog-in-food mashup that has its followers begging for more. The account has over 487,000 followers, and that number doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

The site boasts images of dogs as blueberries, cotton candy and even bananas. We have to admit the cake ones look the yummiest... er, we mean cutest. Check out the images below!

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Wall Street Bull Covered In Sex Toys, Ridden By 'Vladimir Putin'

Recent visitors to Wall Street to see the famous Charging Bull sculpture got a little something extra on Monday.

On top of the statue sat a shirtless man wearing a mask of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The rest of the bull was covered with a rainbow-colored assortment of sex toys.

A man named Jeff Jetton is taking credit for the prank, interpreted by some as a commentary on how Putin seems to be controlling the United States.

Jetton told HuffPost he agreed with that statement, but wants to let people construe the prank as they see fit.

He also said he used more 130 dildos to decorate the bull, all of them donated by an adult entertainment company.

“Anybody who tells you sex toys aren’t good tools of resistance has never had a bag of dicks and a little bit of ingenuity,” he said in a statement to HuffPost.

Apparently, the Putin mask wasn’t a good enough disguise. Jetton says he was contacted by the New York City Police Department on Tuesday evening. “I think it’s for a non-criminal code violation,” Jetton told HuffPost. “The officers were kind of laughing when they cited me.” 

The Daily Beast reports that Jetton, a ramen shop owner in Washington, D.C., took it upon himself to investigate possible Trump-Russia connections using publicly available information.

People on Reddit had their own theories as to who might have pulled off the prank, especially because the statue is located in an area that is patrolled by police 24 hours a day.

In one bizarre scenario, a Redditor suggested cops were behind the statue’s new look, and another person piggybacked on that theory by suggesting that “all of those sex toys they’ve been confiscating from prostitutes for decades have finally been put to use.”

As you might expect, the statue also got tongues wagging on Twitter.

HuffPost reached out to sculptor Arturo Di Modica, the man who created the Charging Bull statue, to get his reaction, but he did not immediately respond.

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Reported Burglar Turns Out To Be 'Rogue Squirrel'

A woman in Harrow, London, thought she heard something suspicious in her home Thursday morning, but it was nut what she thought.

The loud noises prompted the woman to phone the police and report a suspected burglary. When officers responded, they found only a “rogue squirrel,” according to a tweet from the Harrow Borough Police.

“The female caller was very distressed and called 999 as she heard noises downstairs and believed she was being burgled,” a police spokesman told Get West London (“999” is the United Kingdom’s version of 911). “Officers attended on blue lights and established the only suspect was a squirrel who had knocked some items over and caused a bit of a mess.”

The spokesman added that the furry perp was “released with no charges.”

The most famous squirrel involved in a burglary was actually on the right side of the law ― Joey, a pet squirrel in Idaho who valiantly defended his home by scratching the human burglar.

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Friday, 13 July 2018

Watch Cats Run 10 Seconds Before An Earthquake Hits

Can cats sense earthquakes before they strike? A video from a cat cafe in Japan shows some of the animals perking up and running across the room before a temblor last month. 

Some of the cats begin moving about 10 seconds before any visible shaking can be seen in the footage.  

The incident took place on June 18, when a 6.1 quake shook the Osaka region.

Five people were killed and hundreds injured. However, SoraNews 24 reports that none of the cats in the footage from CAT Cafe CATchy in nearby Wakayama Prefecture were harmed.

There have been reports over the years of some animals acting odd or fleeing earthquakes. 

While it’s never been proved that animals can sense quakes before they strike, one theory is that they might feel very minor “p wave” shaking that would be imperceptible to humans. 

In the video, a small crack can be heard just a few seconds into the clip that seems to get the cats’ attention and causes some to start running. Even the ones that don’t run perk up at the sound:

The full shaking begins about 10 seconds later.

Japan has an earthquake early warning system that pushes alerts and triggers alarms seconds before the shaking starts, so it’s also possible the cats heard something that wasn’t picked up by the camera’s microphone.

The cats in CAT Cafe CATchy and some of the nation’s other cat cafes are all rescues available for adoption, according to SoraNews 24.

(h/t Digg)

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Trump To Be Greeted In England By 650-Foot Crop Circle With A Very Rude Message

President Donald Trump may not want to look out the window as he passes over the English countryside later this week. 

An artist has turned part of a field at Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville into a 650-foot crop circle with “Fuck Trump” written in Russian, according to local newspaper Bucks Herald.

The Herald said the crop circle should be visible from the president’s chopper as he flies to a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May at Chequers, the premier’s country home.   

The word literally means “whore,” but is often used more broadly, according to The Russian Blog.

The Herald said the unnamed artist paid a farmer to use the field. The farmer himself ― also unnamed ― doesn’t seem to care about the politics of it either way. 

“A lot of people have asked me this, but my thoughts on Trump are completely neutral,” he told the Herald. “For me it was a transaction between myself and the artist.” 

Metro said the message should be visible from the left window of Trump’s chopper as he passes over on Friday. 

“A lot of planning and drawing was involved by the experts who made it,” photographer Henry Matthews, who captured images of it with a drone, told Metro. “All in all it took about two weeks to design, and over 12 hours to make on a sweltering day.”

He was a little more direct than the farmer when it came to sharing his feelings about Trump.

“It would be fake news if I said I like the guy,” he told Metro. 

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Man With World's Longest Fingernails Finally Cuts Them After 66 Years

It’s the end of an era for the man who holds the world record for Longest Fingernails on One Hand. 

Shridhar Chillal, of Pune, India, hadn’t cut the fingernails on his left hand since 1952, when he was 14 and a teacher got mad at him for breaking a nail.

Chillal decided to see how long he could grow them, even though the Guinness Book of World Records didn’t exist then.

The 82-year-old record holder managed to get his nails to grow a collective length of about 29 feet, 10 inches before being officially honored by Guinness in November 2014.

But he decided to cut away an important part of his life earlier this week when he flew to New York to have the nails removed by a doctor.

The nails are now on display at the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium in Times Square. 

“I was a little bit scared that my celebrity favor would go now, but today after coming here I realize that after this I have become a real celebrity,” Chillal told Patch New York through an interpreter. “Now, forever my nails will be remembered and forever my nails will be seen by people from all over the world.”

There were other reasons why Chillal was willing to cut away an important part of his life: The collective weight of the nails has made it impossible for Chillal to open his hand from a closed position or flex his fingers.

“I am in pain,” he told Guinness World Records. “With every heart beat all five fingers, my wrist, elbow and shoulder are hurting a lot and at the tip of the nail there’s a burning sensation always.”

Chillal attempted to cut his supersized nails with a manual clipper, but that didn’t work. The doctor used a hand-held power grinder in a process that took about 20 minutes, according to Patch New York.

No word on how Chillal is adapting to the lighter load on his left hand, but life just became easier for him in many ways. In 2015, he told HuffPost India how hard it was to sleep with his long nails.

“I can’t move much, so every half an hour or so I wake up and move my hand to the other side of the bed.” 

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NASA Spacecraft Picked Up Weird Plasma 'Sounds' As It Plunged Into Saturn

Is Saturn “singing” to one of its moons? 

NASA said its Cassini spacecraft picked up something very unusual ― and unexpected ― when it plunged into Saturn on its final mission last year.

It detected a series of plasma waves heading from Saturn to its rings and into Enceladus, one of its moons. NASA described it as resembling an electrical circuit, with energy flowing back and forth. 

NASA said researchers converted those plasma waves into an audio file “in the same way a radio translates electromagnetic waves into music.” 

The result is the trippy sound file at the top of this story, which compresses 16 minutes of plasma waves into 28.5 seconds of out-of-this-world audio.

“Enceladus is this little generator going around Saturn, and we know it is a continuous source of energy,” University of Iowa, Iowa City, planetary scientist Ali Sulaiman said in a news release. “Now we find that Saturn responds by launching signals in the form of plasma waves, through the circuit of magnetic field lines connecting it to Enceladus hundreds of thousands of miles away.”

Sulaiman is lead author of two papers on this discovery. 

NASA said the plasma waves were detected on Sept. 2, 2017, about two weeks before Cassini ended its mission with a bang by deliberately crashing into Saturn.

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People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Most On-Brand Stories From Childhood

While Twitter has a penchant for being a black hole where time and happiness go to perish, it’s sometimes really, really good. This week it’s been at its best, with many users sharing stories about their very on-brand childhood moments.

If you’re not clear what on brand is, here’s the best example we can give you: Mariah Carey wearing glitter is wholly on brand. If you’re still lost, we can’t help you past this point.

The storytelling in this Twitter phenomenon began after a July 7 tweet asked people to share their tales. That user wrote of an act of defiance that turned ... uh ... bad:

The responses to the initial tweet have been quite the treat. They’ve been funny, sometimes poignant and mostly weird. Who among us was not at least a little bit weird as a child?

Here are some of our favorites:

Ah, bless all their little hearts.

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This Video Of A Squirrel Eating Out Of A Condom Sums Up 2018

Warning: This video is nuts!

Which makes sense since it involves a squirrel eating out of an unwrapped condom.

Emily Cole, a nanny in Portland, Maine, took the video of the squirrel while visiting Ferry Beach in nearby Scarborough with the kids on Monday. She posted it on Facebook, and it has since started to go viral.

The squirrel seems to be nibbling on something inside the rubber, but it doesn’t seem to be nuts, berries, twigs or leaves.

“It looks like a balloon,” one of the kids can be heard saying. “Is there stuff inside of it?”

Cole could have used the experience for a teachable moment, but ultimately ― and understandably ― she decided to postpone that conversation for another time (maybe!). 

“I really hope one day when they’re older and wiser, their parents will tell them what it actually was they were witnessing here,” she wrote in her post.

She told HuffPost that she showed the video to the kids’ father later that day.

“He chuckled about it but we didn’t say anything in front of the kids,” Cole said with a laugh. “Just let them assume it was a balloon.”

The complete video appears below:

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Woman Behind Viral 'Plane Bae' Twitter Thread Deletes It And Apologizes

The Dallas woman behind the viral Twitter thread about two people flirting on an airplane is apologizing to one of them for invading her privacy.

Rosey Blair has since deleted her tweets describing the passengers’ seemingly romantic interactions after they received coverage from a number of outlets, including HuffPost, BuzzFeed and others.

Blair apologized on Tuesday, saying “The last thing I want to do is remove agency and autonomy from another woman.”

Blair was on a flight to Dallas when she asked a woman to switch seats with her so she could sit next to her boyfriend.  “We made a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life and well, now I present you with this thread,” Blair tweeted last Tuesday. The female passenger ended up having a connection with her male seatmate, later identified as former soccer pro Euan Holden. Blair documented all the details of their flight, such as overhearing that the two seatmates were both personal trainers. She also mentioned when they went off to the bathroom at the same time. Blair’s thread appealed to the romance-starved, amassing over 250,000 retweets and 630,000 likes in a short period of time. Holden was pleased with the thread, using it to promote himself, as did Blair. However, the female passenger was reportedly not happy to be identified. Blair made a now-deleted video where she acknowledged this, but still encouraged “sneaky” Twitter users to use their internet skills to identify her anyway, Business Insider reports. As a result, the woman was reportedly hassled on the internet to the point of deleting her social media accounts.

In her apology, Blair said watching her fellow passengers’ connection made her so “happy, joyful and overcome with authentic and sincere excitement” that she “could not see the potential exploitative nature of the outcome and my actions.”

Many of the people who’ve read Blair’s apology said they still don’t think she’s really learned from her mistakes.

Blair and Holden did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Police Find 82 Grams Of Drugs In Wisconsin Woman's Vagina

A Wisconsin woman is facing felony drug charges after police said they found about 82 grams of drugs in her vagina.

Desiree Webster, 20, was arrested June 25 in Shawano after police pulled over the 1997 Monte Carlo she was driving. 

Her companion, 39-year-old Jaral McCollum, a convicted drug dealer, was also in the car, according to The Smoking Gun.

Officers pulled over the car after getting a tip that McCollum might be selling heroin, cocaine, marijuana, meth and other drugs.

Police said McCollum’s M.O. was to travel with a woman who would slip the drugs into her vagina if police stopped them.

A police dog showed particular interest in the driver’s seat, where Webster had been sitting at the time of the stop, according to local station WBAY-TV.

After a corrections officer performed a strip search on Webster, she suggested there was something hidden in her vagina.

A CT scan of Webster’s pelvic area taken at a hospital showed something that looked like a plastic bag that was about the size of a human fist.

Emergency room doctor Ryan Murphy told the station it’s not uncommon for drug dealers to smuggle contraband inside various orifices.

“It’s common that you would see them inside of condoms, inside of bags, inside of Saran wrap. People try to get creative, and they try to pack as much as they can into a very small container, and it’s very common to actually see these containers or transport devices rupture,” Murphy said. 

Officers said they found nearly 82 grams of drugs inside Webster. 

Here’s the breakdown:

36.67 grams of cocaine 14.72 grams of meth 27.80 grams of synthetic weed Six MDMA (Ecstasy) pills 1.26 grams of marijuana

Murphy said that if the bag had ruptured while inside Webster, she would have likely died.

“With the cocaine you’re going to be in this like excited delirium state and the hearts going to be going really fast, and they’ll be running a high fever and you know the body will kind of shut down from that and you’ll die,” Murphy said.

Webster was charged with six felony drug counts, including two counts of THC possession, possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession with intent to deliver meth. She was also charged with eight counts of felony bail jumping stemming from an earlier felony case that remains pending.

McCollum was charged with four felony counts, including possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver meth and possession with intent to deliver synthetic cannabinoids.

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JetBlue Crew Saves Dog In Distress With Oxygen Mask

A Massachusetts couple credited a JetBlue flight crew with saving the life of their dog when it had trouble breathing on a flight from Orlando to Worcester, Massachusetts, news reports said.

The couple, Michele and Steven Burt, had their 3-year-old French bulldog, Darcy, in a pet carrier under a seat in front of them. When the dog became distressed, Michele noticed that its tongue and gums had turned blue, a sign of lack of oxygen. She took Darcy out of the carrier, and once she explained the problem to the flight attendants, they brought water, ice and eventually an oxygen mask to assist the dog, Michele wrote in a letter to JetBlue that she also provided to HuffPost.

Once the oxygen mask was applied, the dog recovered quickly.

“It actually fit her face really well because she’s got a round face,” she told WHDH TV in Boston. “You couldn’t help but notice the change in her eyes. I know it’s not a child or a person but she is a family member. I just felt very grateful.”

In her letter, Michele Burt praised the flight attendants, Renaud Spencer and Diane Asher, saying: “It may have been only a ‘dog’ to some, not a major disaster certainly, but a family member to us. Goodness and kindness along with the ability to assess a medical crisis, albeit a canine in crisis saved the day.”

She added that she would not fly with the dog in the future without getting veterinary clearance.

JetBlue said in a statement: “We all want to make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable fight, including those with four legs. We’re thankful for our crew’s quick thinking and glad everyone involved was breathing easier when the plane landed in Worcester.”

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TV Expert's Cat Decides To Climb On His Head In The Middle Of An Interview

A TV interview about a very serious topic took a strange turn when an expert discussing Poland’s Supreme Court crisis got upstaged... by his own cat.

Historian and political scientist Jerzy Targalski was speaking to Nieuwsuur ‏journalist Rudy Bouma when the cat decided to join in.

As Bouma points out, Targalski was “completely unruffled” by the furry interloper:

The moment didn’t make the final cut, but the cat did get an appearance in the segment just the same at the 3:56 mark: 

(h/t Mashable) 

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Travis Pastrana Lands 3 Of Evel Knievel's Iconic Jumps

In what was billed as a tribute to Evel Knievel, daredevil Travis Pastrana attempted three of Knievel’s motorcycle jumps on Sunday in Las Vegas ― and in the process, he bested the famed stunt performer three times.

Pastrana, 34, an 11-time X Games champion, wore a red, white and blue jumpsuit similar to what Knievel wore in his heyday and rode an Indian Scout FTR750 V-twin motorcycle that was described as being similar to Knievel’s Harley flat-track motorcycles.

In the first jump, Pastrana traveled 143 feet as he leaped over 52 crushed cars that were stacked three high. In 1973, Knievel traveled 120 feet when he jumped over 50 crushed cars at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

The second jump had Pastrana recreating a stunt Knievel performed at King’s Island in Ohio, when he jumped 14 Greyhound buses. Pastrana cleared 16 Greyhound buses Sunday. 

Pastrana’s third jump was a recreation of Knievel’s attempt to clear the fountain at Caesars Palace. Knievel wiped out on the landing and was hospitalized with multiple broken bones, but Pastrana soared over the fountain and landed well down the landing ramp. 

He celebrated his successes by hopping into the fountain. 

“It’s just such an honor to live a day in Evel’s footsteps and literally his boots,” Pastrana, according to ESPN. “To be here in Las Vegas, so much of my history has been here. I proposed to my wife here, I had [the] first Nitro Circus show here. This was definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

The event, called “Evel Live,” aired on the History Channel.

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Sunday, 8 July 2018

If The Loch Ness Monster Is Ever Found, Scotland Has A Plan For What To Do

Although the Loch Ness Monster is probably mythical, someone actually figured out a plan for what to do if Nessie turns out to be legit.

Back in 2001, Scottish Natural Heritage, a group funded by the Scottish government, created a series of guidelines in the event that Nessie is discovered, according to the BBC.

The plan has resurfaced in part because an international team of scientists combed the murky Loch Ness last month for environmental DNA to confirm which species call the lake home.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told “Good Morning Britain” last month that she believed Nessie was real, according to the Sun.

Animal lovers will be happy to know that Nessie’s welfare is of paramount importance: The plan stipulates that if the creature is captured, a DNA sample should be taken before releasing him back into the lake.

Scottish Natural Heritage spokesman Nick Halfhide said that if Nessie was to be discovered today, the contingency plan would have to be updated to consult local communities and businesses.

The plan has already worked for other creatures that aren’t lake monsters.

“Some of the lessons we learned then have been relevant when we have reintroduced species like sea eagles, and were used when, a couple of years ago, four new species were found in the sea off the west coast,” Halfhide told the Mirror.

However, Nessie may be a harder catch.

Although people have reported sightings of the monster since the sixth century, most attempts to track Nessie down have been fruitless, including a 2003 expedition that used 600 sonar beams and satellite tracking to sweep the full length of the loch, according to Reuters.

Researchers concluded there was probably nothing there.

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New Shuttle Service Offers Free Rides -- But Only If You Keep Singing

You’ve heard of singing for your supper, but now some people are singing for their cab rides.

They better, because the taxi stops the moment they stop vocalizing.

The “singalong shuffle,” as it is called, will be unveiled this weekend during the Ruisrock music festival in Turku, Finland, according to Mashable.

As part of a promotion by Fortum, a clean energy company based in northern Europe, attendees will be able to traipse around the festival grounds in an electrically-powered BMW i3 for free.

The catch is that you have to sing for the driver and keep singing or the ride is over.

The point of the promotion is to show that electric cars are so quiet, you don’t have to worry about the engine being louder than your singing.

Luckily, the car has a tablet that offers song choices and lyrics so you don’t forget the chorus to “Don’t Stop Believing” during your shuttle.

Although not everyone feels comfortable belting out Beyonce in public, Nerdist points out that the singalong shuffle is “way better than trying to make awkward conversation with the rideshare driver.”

Here’s a teaser clip of the shuttle in action.

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Siri 'Heckles' British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson In The Middle Of Parliament Speech

The British Parliament is known for its shouts and interruptions ― and now even Siri is getting in on the act. 

On Tuesday, Apple’s digital assistant interrupted a speech in the House of Commons by Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson. He was speaking about Islamic State terrorists in Syria when Siri ― triggered by the country’s name ― chimed in.

“I found something on the web for Syria,” Siri said as Williamson began looking around in surprise. 

“What a very rum business that is,” Speaker John Bercow interjected to laughs, using a Britishism for “odd.”

“It is very rare that you’re heckled by your own mobile phone.” Williamson replied as he apologized. 

Later, he fired off a tweet about the incident:  

Not everyone was laughing. Some raised security concerns about a defense secretary carrying a device that can eavesdrop:

The BBC later reported that a source close to Williamson dismissed the risk, saying he did not carry the phone into “confidential and sensitive meetings.”

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'Psychic' Octopus That Predicted World Cup Matches Has Been Killed For Food

It’s too late for both Japan and its “psychic” octopus at the World Cup.

The national team squandered a 2-0 lead in a 3-2 loss to Belgium on Monday, eliminating the Japanese. Meanwhile, the octopus credited with predicting the outcome of Japan’s previous three matches had already met its demise ― sold as seafood, outlets reported.

Fisherman Kimio Abe caught the octopus last month off Hokkaido and assigned it match-forecasting duties, according to a translated article on the Mainichi website.

He placed the octopus in a plastic tub containing flagged boxes that represented Japan (for victory), its opponent (for defeat) and a draw. Wherever “Rabio” (or Rabiot, as some outlets have it) swam first was considered the creature’s prediction.

The octopus proved to be a spineless Jimmy the Greek, correctly choosing Japan to defeat Colombia, tie with Senegal and lose to Poland. “I’m glad that all the forecasts turned out correct and Japan moved on to the knockout stage,” Abe said.

Here’s the cephalopod predicting Japan’s upset of Colombia:

The oracle octopus didn’t get a chance to prognosticate Japan’s elimination game against Belgium. Abe sold it to market, meaning the octopus could be sashimi by now.

Deadspin and at least one Twitter user blamed Japan’s defeat on the octopus’s death.

Other outlets made sport of the creature’s fate. PETA was not amused. 

The BBC noted that Rabio wasn’t the only invertebrate to act as a media-propped prophet. In 2010, a German octopus named Paul predicted the outcome of six World Cup games.

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Margarita-Loving Bear Lives Its Best Life By Taking A Dip In A Hot Tub

A bear in California decided to start its Fourth of July celebration a few days early by pre-partying in a stranger’s backyard.

On Friday, Mark Hough was fixing to beat the summer heat with a margarita on his lush Altadena property when he heard a noise, KABC-TV and the Associated Press report. At first, he dismissed it as likely his neighbor moving around next door. But when it intensified, he got up to investigate and saw a bear climbing over his fence.

Hough took a video of his uninvited guest, who was clearly on the prowl for more than the usual honey, porridge or some much-needed pants. In the edited video above, you can see the bear bopping around in Hough’s unheated Jacuzzi while dogs bark in the background.

After the party animal took a dip, Hough said it knocked over the margarita he’d left behind when he scuttled indoors and lapped it all up.

Later in the day, Hough was chatting with a neighbor when he spotted the bear taking a siesta in a nearby tree.

“So he had his margarita, he had his Jacuzzi, and now he’s ready for an hour nap,” Hough told KABC.

Bear sightings aren’t totally unheard of in Southern California. In June, a mama bear and her cubs were spotted playing in a family’s pool in Eaton Canyon close to Pasadena. But Hough’s wild encounter has made a huge splash online.

When the bear eventually left his property, Hough made himself two margaritas.

Cheers to that!

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Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills Seized By Indiana Police Through Traffic Stops

It’s a real trump card for Indiana State Police: A crackdown on motorists possessing drugs resulted in more than 100 arrests and the seizure of a vast assortment of dope, including orange-colored ecstasy pills shaped like President Donald Trump’s head.

State troopers involved in “Operation Blue Anvil” patrolled U.S. Highway 31 in Miami and Fulton counties over three-day periods twice last month, according to a state police statement. The troopers, teamed with drug-detecting police dogs, concentrated on drugs when they stopped motorists from June 19 to June 21, and again from June 26 to June 28.

The effort resulted in 129 criminal arrests on 272 drug-related charges. Forty-eight of the charges were classified as felonies, according to police.

Troopers seized cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine, marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, edible marijuana, prescription medication, drug paraphernalia as well as numerous drugs that have yet to be identified.

But the most eye-catching find was orange ecstasy pills shaped like Trump’s head. One side featured the face of the president. The other was stamped with the words “Great Again.” 

The Trump pills resemble 5,000 MDMA pills seized last year in northern Germany.

Indiana authorities didn’t specify the amount of the drugs they recovered during last month’s operation.

State Police Sgt. Dan Prus, who led the operation, said the patrols should serve as a reminder to drivers to follow all laws.

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Sunday, 1 July 2018

What Is 'BDE,' And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

“BDE” is everywhere these days. It’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even goddamn Pinterest. So, because you’re still talking about it, I’ve been forced asked to write about it. 

BDE stands for “big dick energy.” If you’re sitting at your computer like, “Wow, that’s vulgar,” you should probably just leave now. There’s nothing for you here.

For the rest of you trash humans like myself, let’s soldier on.

The idea of Big Dick Energy/BDE has exploded in this June of 2018 courtesy of several factors. While exact origins remain unclear, the first murmurings of BDE appear to have happened on June 8 in reference to the late Anthony Bourdain:

Is this dark? Maybe. Regardless, from that point on, BDE has been used to describe everyone from Pete Davidson to Waluigi to David Brooks to “Scorpio men.”

New York Magazine’s The Cut describes BDE as the “quiet confidence and ease with oneself that comes from knowing you have an enormous penis and you know what to do with it.”

“It’s not cockiness, it’s not a power trip — it’s the opposite: a healthy, satisfied, low-key way you feel yourself. Some may call this ‘oh he/she fucks’ vibe, but that is different: you can fuck, but not have BDE,” Allison P. Davis writes.

This is a solid description of BDE, whose truest essence may be ineffable, but it doesn’t fully capture the nuance that is BDE.

To help, I’ve created this graphic with correlating examples:

If you came to this piece to figure out if you have BDE, odds are high that you don’t, my friend.

Also, we should mention now that BDE is not a gendered idea. Anyone and everyone can potentially have BDE.

At any rate, if you want to be distracted for a few minutes from the fact that the world is going to hell and democracy is dissolving ... here are some great tweets about BDE. Let’s do this thing:

Okay, BDE can retire now. Good night, BDE!!!

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Botched Restoration Turns 500-Year-Old Spanish Statue Into Weird IRL Cartoon

The heroic statue of San Jorge in the Church of St. Michael in Estella, Spain, had darkened substantially since its creation in the 16th century. When the church tasked a local workshop with the statue’s restoration, however, San Jorge, or St. George, returned as a bit of a mess.

In the process of restoring, his look appears to have been revamped entirely. His face now has an otherworldly pink glow, and his suit of armor is befitted with some splashy red accents.

Estella Mayor Koldo Leoz sent out a series of tweets to criticize the restoration. 

A CNN translation indicates that one tweet reads, “Today Estella doesn’t make news for its spectacular historical, artistic, architectural or cultural heritage, but because of miserable actions performed on a 16th-century St George statue that is in one of the most imposing religious temples of the city.”

The mayor also said that the restoration was not done by professionals, but rather “an academy of crafts.” He said he believes the parties involved had “good intentions.”

Intentions aside, the resulting statue is not an improvement on the original.

Many on social media couldn’t help but make the comparison to that of the disaster of the “Ecce Homo” fresco of Jesus, which you can see below:

Others have come up with their own iterations of what they think St. George looks like now.

Poor St. George.

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