Friday, 9 December 2016

'I’m Terrified My Son Could Become A Mass Murderer'

Karen says she fears her 23-year-old son, Andrew, who she says has a history of mental illness, could walk into a school or store and murder innocent people, and that even right now, she fears, he could be contemplating committing a mass murder.   

“Andrew has always had a fascination where a large number of people were killed,” she claims. “Andrew says he has a ‘good Andrew’ and then a ‘bad Andrew,’ but sometimes the ‘bad Andrew overrules the ‘good Andrew.’” 

Karen claims Andrew’s aggressive behavior began when he was in kindergarten, and recalls a story in which she says Andrew “threatened to kill” another boy with a BB gun. She says Andrew’s problems continued into his teen years, and include a suicide attempt at age 7 and another at age 14. “At the time, he was being bullied, and he told his ROTC instructor that he just felt like ‘going VT,’ Virginia Tech, on the kids,” she says, while also explaining that Andrew was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

In 2013, Karen says her fears escalated when she says Andrew broke into her horse trailer and stole guns and ammunition, which resulted in several schools in the area to be put on lockdown. “I tried to get him to return the guns, and he wouldn’t come back,” she recalls. “The next day, Andrew called me at school. I kept him on the phone until the police could locate him.” 

Andrew admits, “I have thoughts of killing random people. I don’t want to go to a school and shoot up kids or hurt myself, but I don’t know if I can stop myself.” Hear more from him about his struggles.  

Karen says she has been so frightened for Andrew, that she and her partner, Kaye, both got concealed weapons permits and carry guns in their purse for protection. She claims she’s tried to seek help through numerous agencies to no avail, so she turns to Dr. Phil for help. “I don’t want to leave this world without knowing that I’ve done everything I can to help my son.” 

“He has flat out told you that he could walk into a store or a school and kill everybody there?” Dr. Phil asks Karen in the video above. 

“Yes,” she replies. “He’s told me that on more than one occasion.” 

Dr. Phil points out that, in his statements, Andrew specifically mentions targeting “innocent” people.  “He said it was important to him to kill innocent people,” he says. “Why has he said this to you?” 

“His reply is, ‘If I can kill innocent people -- no reason that these people should die -- that creates an enormous amount of pain, and even the people who don’t know the people who are killed feel the pain and that emptiness when these mass shootings occur,’ he said, ‘Then, they can understand my pain,’” she claims. “I feel like my son, as well as most of these mentally ill people who are doing the mass shootings, they’re in such an enormous amount of pain, and there’s no medication, and there’s no way for them to express it.”

 In the video above, Dr. Phil and Karen discuss some of the homicidal thoughts that Andrew has admitted to having and reasons why Karen says she’s terrified for her son. And, on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, learn more about Andrew being taken away by authorities while being interviewed for the Dr. Phil show. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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