Friday, 9 December 2016

Hot Guys Snuggle With Cute Animals On World's Most Addictive Forum

There's a place on the Internet where you can enjoy the simple pleasure of ogling photos of admirable men being all snuggly with the animals in their lives.

It's got a name you might not want your boss to know about -- Reddit's Lady Boners Gone Cuddly -- but who cares about bosses, since obviously you're quitting your job in order to spend all day with guys like TJ Chapman and Otis the cat here.

You'll feel even warm and fuzzier (or something!) when you know these furry dudes' backstory. 

Champan, a service writer for Ryder Truck Rental, adopted Otis in 2009, when he was going through a divorce. He thought, rightly, a pet might help make this bleak time a little brighter.

At the shelter -- the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, in Northern Virginia -- 7-year-old Otis "stuck his paw out and grabbed my hand and made me pet him. That's all it took, I was his from that moment," Chapman said. (We know the feeling!)

As the adoption was underway, someone working at the shelter began to cry. She told Chapman that Otis had been there for six months, and his prospects had been looking grim. Until right then.

Otis now gets to regularly vacation with Chapman. And every day, he spends a little time sticking his happy little face into Chapman's big beard.

"All in all, Otis has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. He has been there for me through some very hard times in my life," Chapman said. "I saved him, and he, in return, saved me."

As for how the lovebugs wound up on Lady Boners Gone Cuddly -- Champan posted their awww-dorable picture on another website (one dedicated to photos of men with beards, natch), and someone there suggested he expand his reach to this other site.

"They said I would be adored there," he said. "The reaction has been pleasant."

Connor McCauley says he's had a pretty appreciative reaction to his photo, too. Make that photos; fans have proposed marriage -- and, maybe more realistically, clamored for multiple shots of the 6'5'' musician and his enormous dog Winston, who isn't quite as extraverted as his person, though he is just as fetching.

"Winston is pretty aloof when it comes to attention," McCauley said. "But my dog is pretty handsome." 

So is Nicole Roberts' husband, Troy, which is only part of why she submitted this photo of him napping with their adopted bunny Clover

"I like to share how fun and friendly rabbits can be, and I think this shows that perfectly," Roberts said. "Funny thing is Clover was meant to be my bunny, but she only loves my husband. Pretty sure she thinks he is her mate!"

Speaking of mates: TJ Chapman doesn't have a special lady in his life at the moment. 

Anyone who likes to the idea of moving from behind the computer and into the picture should reach out through Reddit -- it, uh, probably goes without saying that this offer is limited to cat lovers only.

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