Wednesday, 7 December 2016

20 Everyday Items That Are Immediately TMI

Have you ever walked into someone's home and, within minutes, already know too much about that person?

Maybe it's the fiber pills they have hanging out on the kitchen counter. Or, it could be those binoculars on the window sill. Whatever the item is, it's totally too much information. 

For a list of some other items that are dead giveaways about the physical or mental state of your friend's mind, have a scroll: 

1. Stool softener

2. A flask

3. Fiber One Bars 

4. Vaginal douching kit 

5. Summer's Eve 

6. Nair 

7. Gun 

8. Confederate flag 

9. A hackey sack

10. A flip phone 

11. A boyfriend body pillow

12. Pamphlets 

13. Adult diapers

14. Anti-fungal medicine

15. PedEgg

16. Binoculars by the window

17. A signed photo of David Hasselhoff

18. Metamucil

19. Bible

20. A tightly rolled up dollar bill

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