Thursday, 22 November 2018

Geese Turn Australian Woman's Farm Fairy Tale Into A Living Nightmare

When Leslie Du Preez first welcomed five geese to her rural property, she had visions of creating a tranquil sanctuary where animals could roam free. Little did she know that the new additions to her small farm in Queensland, Australia would turn out to be nightmares ― or as Du Preez told HuffPost, “arseholes.”

“They have terrorized us!” she said. “We’ve had to walk around the property with sticks and brooms so we can get things done.”

In a desperate attempt to restore peace and order to her farm, Du Preez listed the problem birds on a local buy-and-sell group on Facebook earlier this month: 

Much to Du Preez’s relief, the flock was picked up last Friday and relocated to another farm. The new owners were fully aware of what they were getting themselves into but “thought they’d be a great addition.”

So far, no problems have been reported. 

“They’ve behaved perfectly as far as I understand, they’ve betrayed me,” Du Preez said. “You bastards, you misbehaved for us! 

The story brought some much-needed laughter to those living off the land, particularly as farming communities in Australia have been grappling with the effects of drought.

“I think everybody probably needs a good chuckle and to remember there are some good things,” Du Preez said. “I think everyone can relate to an arsehole animal.”

Now, with the geese gone, peace has been restored. 

“There’s little bluebirds on our shoulders again,” Du Preez said. “The morning after they were gone, it was so quiet that nothing woke us up. We managed a sleep in!”

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