Saturday, 19 May 2018

Cheerleader Ejected For Heckling Player In College Rivalry Game

Gooooo, cheerleader ― and don’t come back! A University of Arizona cheerleader got ejected for heckling Arizona State free throw shooter Remy Martin during the the rival schools’ Pac-12 basketball game on Thursday in Tempe, the Arizona Republic reported. 

“He was yelling, using the (megaphone) to call out people by name, which is not acceptable,” referee Randy McCall told the newspaper. “And he was asked to please stop, and he chose not to.”

According to ESPN, McCall made disapproving eye contact at one point with the cheerleader, who was not identified. Then the cheerleader yelled to the shooting Martin, “Not today, Remy.”

With that, McCall approached the scorer’s table and said: “This guy needs to get out of here,” the sports network reported.

Arizona apparently didn’t need the extra support against their rival on the road, winning 77-70.

HuffPost did not immediately hear back in a request for comment from the Arizona athletics department.

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